Nicole Kidman: blonde and red hair in just one day

TOarrived in Europe to promote her new series, which takes place in a department of the CIA. Nicole Kidman manages to show two different hairstyles in a very short time. Melt it in a bombshell blonde during the day and opt for a ginger blonde for the evening.

Nicole Kidman, Oscar-winning actress portrait

Nicole Kidman, Oscar-winning actress portrait

Nicole Kidman with hair for the new series

On June 20, she turned 56 years old, and on the 25th she celebrated her wedding anniversary with her husband Keith Urban. Now, after the festivities, it’s time to get back to work and the star Eyes wide shut AND Big little lies flies to Europe for the press tour of Paramount+, in which he stars with Zoe Saldana. spy story Special Operation: Lioness (to be released on Sunday, July 23) is already kicking off at the London premiere photo shoot.

The Australian actress manages to drastically change her hair – both straightened – in just a few hours.

Day hairstyle: loose, vanilla blond.

The afternoon press meeting takes place on the terrace with a panoramic view of the city. Here the star wears a pantsuit grey/beige signed by Ferragamo. Strict outfit with a sexless soul, which is highlighted very light hair.

London, 11 July 2023. The actress at the photo shoot of the series Paramount + “Special Forces: Lioness.” Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

OUR loose hair in very light shades are divided into row in the middle and descend to the sides of the face with a progressive scaling that begins at the level of the collarbones. There smooth texture and with a matte effect, it acquires scenographic power due to its volume. A side tease that gives a wild and powerful touch.

Evening look: collected in red tones

The lion air is perceived even more strongly on the evening red carpet, where the ex-wife Tom Cruise makes a surprise appearance with a new hair color red ginger. Contrast with black dress Saint Laurent it is elegantly modern and enhanced gathered hairstyle.

London, 11 July 2023. The actress at the screening of the series “Special Forces: Lioness in London.” Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

There ponytail ultra-complex, low gathered at the back of the head, it supports the central account. Leaving free two thick strands that frame the face and form the perfect pendant with the eyebrows.

But it is known that the actress loves her parents very much. natural curls and may soon return to softer and curly hairstyles.


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