Nicole Kidman hopes to improve her relationship with her daughter Bella (who has reappeared on social networks) –

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The Australian actress also invited her adopted children with Tom Cruise to the Life Achievement Award ceremony. The 30-year-old artist lives in London and mostly posts photographs of her work, but in this case she made an exception by showing herself in close-up.

Her artwork is the real hero of her Instagram profile, which is why the rare occasions when Bella Kidman Cruise posts a photo of herself immediately makes the news. It happened two years ago when she took a selfie to show off her new brown hairstyle to her 51,200 followers. And that too happened on Monday, September 18, when one of the segments featured a close-up of Bella, who, dressed in white, with her hair back in black, sporting the inevitable nose ring and various tattoos on her arms, posed in front of the camera. To accompany the shot, the 30-year-old artist chose the phrase what summer, without adding any other details.


Adopted in 1992 by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise when they were still one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, Isabella Jane (that’s her real name) lives in London with her husband Max Parker and has since had a rather rocky relationship with her mother. years old, the same age as his brother Connor, born in 1995 and also adopted by the two actors, who divorced in 2001. Kidman has two other daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, from her marriage to Keith Urban, while Cruise is also father to Suri with his ex-wife Katie Holmes. Despite the strained relationship between the Moulin Rouge star and her stepchildren, she hopes they too will be there at the American Film Institute ceremony when she is presented with the prestigious Life Achievement Award (the first Australian actress to receive such recognition). .


Originally scheduled for June 10, the event was postponed due to the writers’ strike that brought Hollywood to its knees. Nicole knows that Connor is extremely devoted to his father, so she doesn’t expect him to be there, an anonymous source told the New Idea website, but both boys are invited. an event that they have every right to celebrate with the rest of Nicole’s family. She tries to limit her expectations, but clings to the hope that Bella might be there.

September 19, 2023 (modified September 19, 2023 | 1:17 p.m.)

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