Nicole Kidman: the most beautiful images in a straw hat

Pultra delicate elle di luna, disguised diva style (but not too much). In her appearance out of service Nicole Kidman he very often wears a straw hat. A little to protect yourself from the sun, a little to get noticed.

Summer sheath dress: three ways to wear it like Nicole Kidman

Summer sheath dress: three ways to wear it like Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, summer hat queen

From the biopic Mercy filmed in 2013 about the life of the Princess of Monaco, Images in the style of Provence Chic stars peacemaker they have multiplied. Although it must be said that already at the beginning of her brilliant career, the actress (now 56 years old) showed a certain predilection for natural fiber headdresses. A great sunscreen trick that Australian stars are well aware of. But also a precious ally to spice things upeasy but in demand at the same time-ai warm season outfit.

Straw hat in an elegant version

Like many of her Hollywood counterparts, she is also Balenciaga’s muse. he loves international sports competitions. In fact, it is not uncommon to see her sitting on the podium of some prestigious tournament, such as, for example, the French Open. In an edition of Roland Garros, she stood out from the crowd with her impeccably elegant casual outfit. tennis fashion style. A cream blouse and a pleated miniskirt are complemented by a black bolero jacket.

Nicole Kidman at Roland Garros in 2017. (Photo by Jean Catuff/Getty Images)

But the key element, combined with Sunglasses with an all black grille, it is straw hat wide-brimmed. A asexual model in natural color with a black fringed decorative braid that matches perfectly with the color of the hair and the rest of the outfit, playing on a black and white background.

Panama in a romantic casual look

Different situation, different view headdress although always with a light texture and anti-hot color. AND Panama wear to move around the streets of Manhattan, more or less incognito. Because if true, what with a cap AND sunglasses almost unrecognizable, the rest of the look could betray a star known for her elegance like her.

Street image of the actress in New York. (Photo: Adam Nemser/

Slender and meter eighty tall, the main character malice With Alec Baldwin, here he shows off a sophisticated romantic street look. Which is completed boho blouse with a vintage scent floral skirt broke out and dancers apartments in nude colors.

90s style with floral dress (always on trend)

Just a few months ago, he made a splash at a charity auction when he bought a hat that belonged to Hugh Jackman for consideration of 100 thousand euros. And his Instagram profile is littered with vacation portraits of summer hat it never fails. But the love of an ex-wife Tom Cruise because this accessory has its roots in the distant past.

(Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

Already in the very first 90s in fact, he often even appeared in a suit red carpet with country style outfits.

One of the most famous images is the one withfloral dress midi length with double vent. With long sleeves and a wide round neckline. blue dress like her eyes, she has buttons the same shade as on mules tastefully, tastefully, stylishly ballet. And it ends again with lo straw hat in perfect harmony with the hair, which at that time was in a warm red shade.


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