Nicole Kidman will receive a career award: will she be able to fulfill her desire to receive it among her children? | People | Entertainment

“She’s trying to limit her expectations, but she’s keeping her hopes up,” as sources told the Daily Mail that Nicole Kidman has no intention of dating her husband Bella and Connor, whom she adopted during her marriage to Tom. Cruise along the La Nation route.

But the fact is that since 2001, when a scandalous divorce occurred, the actress gradually lost contact with young people. Bella currently lives in London and sells her art while her husband is a DJ and possibly in 2019 at an event where she invited the Mission Impossible actor on her boat but not her mother as he published magazine. Elle.

It is for this reason that the Australian-American invites all of his residents, including Sunday and Faith Keith Urban, with the goal of accompanying them to receive a reward for their journey to a famous event in the North American country in the next few days. days.

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The “Big Little Lies” star will receive the Life Achievement Award at an event hosted by the American Film Institute, which allows family members of artists to actively participate in the awards process, MDZ reports.

Following the publication on Antena 3, Nicole Kidman’s youngest daughters gathered for a subrogated event with her current partner Keith Urban, who confirmed his presence at the event, but it is unlikely that Bella and Connor are anime.

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“Nicole knows Connor is very devoted to her dad, so she doesn’t expect him to come, but the invitation is for two (…) but she’s clinging to the hope that Bella will be able to come,” a source told the publication. Daily mail.


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