Nikki and Brie Bella show off their bumps baby in cute bikini-photos


The twins Bella to the back of the other, no matter what happens.

On Sunday, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella to share went to the social networks that the two spend more time together and take care of each other in the middle of the corona-virus-pandemic in progress.

In a long legend on Instagram, Nikki wrote: “In a time where the world is experiencing a pandemic, selfless, peaceful, helpful, comforting, educated and contact avoidance is so important.”

They also shared a number of pictures and videos from his “winter sleep with (her) girls”. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, it also has a picture of her with her beautiful Artem Chigvinstev a kiss on the cheek.

Her sister, Brie, on the other hand, share a selfie you and your sister show your bumps baby grows, while you were sitting by the pool.

“The best thing that your sister is in front of the door, the overwinter together. The time of the meditation and the quality to catch up,” wrote the personality of the reality tv. “Find peace in the midst of chaos. Sending love and light to my #Bella army.”

To make sure for Nikki, that it is healthy his number one priority, especially during this time.

“To be pregnant and the flu epidemic b have already, in my first quarter, there was no question, to go at once into hibernation,” she explained in his article, Instagram. “I immediately thought of the safety of my baby.”

They also shared that they are “hibernait” for about a week and had time to meditate, read and create on the left, with his partner Artem.

As fans will recall, A Total Of Bellas has announced, that they were both speakers at the beginning of the year. The twin sisters also need to be disconnected, a week and a half.

Nikki is expecting her first child with her fiancĂ© Artem, while Brie expects a second child with her husband Daniel Bryan. When Nikki announced, the new on Instagram, together with his followers, that mom is something to what you are “wanted to in my whole life. “

“Brie and I had to cancel a lot of exciting things in our career, it was hard, but it was the right thing to do. It is the time to sacrifice and to help. All think of our older people, a people I love most in this world, it’s my Nana “, put Nikki on Instagram. “The things I’ve seen on the social networks, I couldn’t even imagine if it was my Nana in this situation. It broke my heart.”

You came to the conclusion: “If you can do that, and that it is safe for you, help our seniors, think of the supplies that you get and see if you can make refunds. This time it is in the rest state, to create links, share, and, especially, to try our it is better to be selfless and peaceful. I send you much love and light! “