Nine months after Argentina won the World Cup, Di Maria’s stunning goal against France in the final went viral like never before

Di Maria’s goal against France in World Cup final, seen from an unprecedented perspective

Stars of the 3rd World Cup argentina national team At a higher level, he is 9 months old.It was the most exciting final in the history of the World Cup, and as we all know, it was in Albiceleste’s favour, but the reaction of the French team, especially Kylian Mbappe, resulted in a 3-3 scoreline in extra time. Suffered extra pain (goal by Emiliano Martinez cover by Kolo Muani), as well as a penalty shootout, by Lionel Messianother decisive performance from Dib.

However, if there’s one move that illustrates Qatar’s milestone, it’s his second goal. Angel Di Maria. It was a work of art in a counterattack, 12 seconds of energy and surgical precision, ended by the touch of the net by today’s Benfica footballer.The middle is crystallization transfer Nahuel Molina and first throw McAllister for Lionel Messi, he used his boot to control it with his backhand, almost with disdain. The deep pass is like a sharp dagger, Julian Alvarez” Alexis is no longer a spectator, he throws himself into the void to make wild runs and when the game calls for it, the ball comes loose at just the right moment to allow Fideo, the man in the game Screaming definitions of people (remember the Olympics, America’s Cup), the most important works of his collection are waiting for them.

On such a special day, a video from AFA Play went viral online, admiring the skills and accuracy of Pearl’s protagonists from an unprecedented angle and slow-motion time-lapse. “paddock”, named the account on Twitter. The entire filming lasts a minute and a half and begins with the current Liverpool player’s touch, with the camera footage almost simulating the spectators becoming part of the action due to their close proximity. The Inter Miami star’s luxurious involvement, as well as the end of the sequence with his back turned, was something special. It shows in detail the striker’s body position as he passes the ball to Alexis for his second intervention. The film puts in the foreground poor Aurelien Tsoameni, who tries to reject him but ends up caught in the web and becomes a disappointed face. Ultimately, the Real Madrid player missed the penalty (he kicked the ball wide) due to a mind game suggested by goalkeeper Martinez.

The video serves as a bonus track and features the Rolling Stones’ iconic song “Sympathy for the Devil.” It was a great way to commemorate the feat, as some heroes have done, such as Nicolas Otamendi, who uploaded a story on his Instagram account in which he can be seen kissing the trophy with the caption The words “9 months”.

Di Maria’s goal against France was copied by Argentinian fans at the Eiffel Tower (another angle)

Argentines are so closely associated with this goal that it has been replicated in countless scenes, from the beach to the Eiffel Tower itself. It happened three weeks ago when a group of Albiceleste fans traveling across Europe wearing their national team jerseys decided to recreate the match at the Champ de Mars…albeit without the ball.

It was all improvised. We were doing something and we said ‘why don’t we repeat Di Maria’s goal’. We practiced, we did it once, and this is what happened. This game is not perfect and it is not the same as the World Cup. This was not planned, it just happened. It spread quickly,” explains one of the participants, Santiago Lezcano, of its origins. The peculiar thing is: the locals were not offended by the scene. Quite the opposite: “People stopped to look at us instead of insulting us. We were surprised by the great atmosphere.They asked us for a lot of photos and cheers for Messi”. Nine months after its birth, it remains a symbol of La Scaloneta’s feats.

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