Ninjababy, another story of emotionality

ninjababy Norwegian director’s film Ingvild Sve Flicke, released in 2021 and featured on the MUBI streaming platform. Between Juno AND The worst person in the worldmovie flicke growing up bold and fun on the topic of motherhood and self-affirmation, captivating the viewer with its sincerity.

Young Raquel has dropped out of university and is living her dreams in her bedroom. in my world made of drawings. The surprising news that she is pregnant plunges her into despair, and into adulthood she always tries to run away.

ninjababy between drama and comedy


Rachel (Christine Kujat Thorpe) takes pills but still gets pregnant, decides he wants an abortion, and hooks up with funny aikido trainer Mos (Nader Khademi), with whom she had been a month earlier. In the hospital, the poor thing discovers that she has been pregnant for more than six months and therefore she can no longer terminate the pregnancy. Worse yet, the discovery of who is the father of the child, his old acquaintance, is not welcome at all.

We meet a real Ninjababy character, baby carried by Raquel, and which becomes part of the girl’s imaginary world. The child is presented as ninja who hid inside his body for monthsan annoying presence that would prefer Angelina Jolie to be a mother and that constantly bothers Raquel.

So the pace ninjababy between comedy and drama and looks like Juno more reckless, even if it hides a more dramatic nature. Raquel rightly does not accept her condition and clashes with the father of the child, in addition, the pregnancy makes her doubt her life and how she relates to the world and others.

ninjababydefined as coming of age, it does not continue towards moralism and never tries to polish the images and characters. Raquel remains impulsive to the end, bound by her convictions, which no man with his idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba traditional family can change. The happy family dreamed of by the father of the child does not budge, marking a new understanding of parenthood and the family.

Rachel character completely rejects existing affective patterns, with impetuosity and assertiveness. His indecision, in the manner of the protagonist The worst person in the worldbecome a strength, not a weakness, a structural characteristic of today’s youth that should no longer be repressed.

ninjababythe right not to be a mother

Raquel in ninjababy

In 2021 Anna’s choicefilm based on the book by Annie Erno, wins the prize Golden Lion V Venice Film Festival. The film tells the story of Anna, who had a secret abortion in 1960s France, and the work Audrey Sofa it’s not the only recent film to deal with these themes. Among American films Eliza Hitman Never Rarely Sometimes Always AND Plan B From Natalie Morales there are many modern stories that create a completely new paradigm of parenting and family.

Among them too ninjababy emphasizes the narrative that creeps into the cinema: the opportunity not to be and not feel like a mother. Between revitalization, irreverence, and a heartfelt tale of adolescence in which we can all see ourselves again, Raquel’s story teaches that motherhood and fatherhood are not inborn skills and that being undirected and confused at twenty is legitimate and perfectly normal. So, Raquel learns to have more faith in her friendship and her newly blossomed love, and manages to navigate this dramatic situation with some unexpected help.

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