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Niño Gets Rich Selling NFT for Ethereum Cryptocurrencies

Benyamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old boy created a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) which is made up of 3,350 pixelated whale images with a graphic design style CryptoPunks, and with whose sale profits of thousands of dollars were obtained. The virtual whales designed by Ahmed became a success, as they were sold in their entirety in less than 9 hours, with which the artist won 80 units of the ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) when selling the NFT, and added another 30 ETH with the royalties of the transactions subsequent NFTs that it initially sold.

The whale series that Ahmed created was titled Rare Whales (Weird whales) and was created during the holidays from school. Benyamin does not have a traditional bank account, so what he got from the sale remains in the form of the cryptocurrency which was the form of payment you received.

His earnings reach the equivalent of $ 160,000, which he raised in the course of a day with the sale of the set, and although the little one invested $ 300 in issuing and cataloging the NFTs, he has not withdrawn those millionaire resources that he obtained from the operation.

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The young designer is the son of a developer from software who specializes in the financial sector, and who has motivated Benyamin and his brother Yousef to start learning how to program from the respective ages of five and six.

NFTs can ‘tokenize’ works of art so that a certificate of digital ownership is created, which can be bought or sold. This constitutes a form of digital asset that can be exchanged in the virtual world in the same way that a transaction can be made for any kind of property, even if it does not acquire a tangible form.

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This is not the first sale that Ahmed makes designs of his own, because previously he managed to sell a series in a similar style, but did not reach the profits that this new collection reported to him.

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