Nintendo Asked Sony to Remove the Entire Mario game ” KW ” in Dreams PS4


INDOZONE.ID Nintendo is today known as one of the game companies are quite aggressive against copyright game. It is already not removed, a lot of fangame out of Nintendo, although it use it at all.

Recently, a Creator in the game dreams the PS4 was a victim of Nintendo. Well-known Creator named Pieceofcraft has made that Mario games in the KW-dreams, the now very famous.

Game Mario in the Dream PS4
Game Mario in the Dream PS4 (photo/Twitter/@Piece_of_Craft)

But Nintendo seemed to know the existence of such games, so that you can make a complaint to Sony, the manufacturer of the console, the PS4, the game can be far dreams.

“Mario games have been very popular, until one of the games that don’t want me to call you don’t want to see your name on it, a note “be cool” in Dreams,” wrote Pieceofcraft through his Twitter account.

In fact, a game created by the Pieceofcraft is very similar to the game Mario original. The model of Mario that were in the game look the same as the original game was, so many people play the game.

The developers of the game, dreams, Media Molecule actually has been predicting that things like this will happen. So from that it has all of the creators from the original game rather then take the IP of the other games told.

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