Nintendo Play Station “was Never on the market,” Sold More than Rp5 billion.

196 – A prototype of the Nintendo Play Station, a console that never sold slides in the market, with a price of 360,000 US dollars, or more than rp 5 billion euros in an auction of the sites heritage auction at the end of the week.

Originally posted by The Verge, Monday, the founder of the and Greg McLemore, you will receive the goods with the highest bid, beating other collectors, including Palmer Luckey, CEO of Oculus VR.

The console is one of only 200 prototypes of a partnership that failed between Sony and Nintendo, 1991.

Forbes describes the console is basically a Super NES with a CD-ROM drive.

Meanwhile, Valerie McLeckie of Heritage Auctions, the place of the console was offered, told CNN, said that it is believed 199 other prototypes were destroyed, as the deal-Sony-Nintendo-fail. Sony released the first PlayStation in 1994.

According to Polygon, the prototype of the Nintendo Play Station from a man named Terry Diebold elements in a field that was once owned by the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Olaf Olafsson.

Both work at Advanta Corporation, if the company went bankrupt, the console is one of the many elements that ended up in a private auction, the got like Diebold it.

McLemore said the console it is “only the elements of the most expensive I have ever bought have next to the house.” He added: “it is very valuable, especially in combination with the rest of my collection.”

Collection McLemore includes more than 800 machines are operated with coins, as well as the game smaller, magazines, and works of art that you want to use, McLemore, a permanent museum.

“I don’t want this machine is just buried in the closet somewhere,” said McLemore.

Source: Reuters