Nintendo vs. COVID-19, a dispute a couple until now


Nintendo continues to suffer from the ravages that it is leaving the COVID-19 and now is that he had to close his repair service in north America, because the federal and local authorities are requesting the total closure of operations to companies that are not vital.

For now, Nintendo has not given information about when it will return to normal service and if this will be worldwide or only in some countries; the good news is that they will continue respecting the warranty of your consoles by the time this pandemic follow and if you sent me some product with them for these dates, the more likely it will be returned to your home, as if you had a repair order in progress, you’ll have to wait for the quarantine to be able to go back to having the console in your hands.

But at least it has not been all bad for the big N, because, thanks to this, their sales have gone up quite a bit, but also because of the lack of production now does not have enough product for the demand. It is well known that China and Japan are the first affected and the first to start the quarantine, therefore, production was stopped already a few months ago, however, with what I had in stock, it failed to meet the demand for this couple of months, but since they are scarce their products more iconic as the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Due to the shortage, the resellers, have been exploited to sell consoles at almost double the current price, so that it can be quite frustrating for people who wanted to buy one for the quarantine, as the World organization of the Health he suggested that playing video games is something that can help us pass the time and keep us entertained inside the house.

This led to Nintendo to think of a strategy to prevent the resale of their consoles at exorbitant prices and is selling consoles reconditioned, that is to say that they are not new, but were returned for some fault or defect from the factory, but I changed all the parts and components so that they can be used again, obviously, with a proper guarantee in case that fails.

To finish, another good news and that is that Nintendo Switch already exceeded the total number of consoles sold Wii at the global level, a record that seemed difficult to overcome in such a short time.

Perhaps it was a bit of luck and at the same time bad luck for what happens to the company, but, oh, the actual number of sales Nintendo Switch in all its versions is 101 million sold worldwide, this in just three years! The interesting thing about this is that the Nintendo Switch it was released just 3 years you still have many more years of life, so that subtraction know to see how much this final number.

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