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Nintendo woke up bad again and cancels popular tournament

The eSports event known as Riptide has canceled its Project + tournament following pressure from Nintendo. The event will continue, but without the participation of the popular mod from Smash Bros., with tournaments for the standard SSB versions: Melee and Ultimate.

Project + is a mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which requires a legitimate copy of the game to use. Indicating that Nintendo is adopting a zero tolerance policy with the modding community, having similarly targeted tournament modding last year Smash Bros. for using an SSB: Melee mod that allows online play.

A representative of Nintendo of america, Inc. recently contacted Riptide regarding our Project + events. As a result of that conversation, there will be no Project + tournaments or montages on Riptide.“says a short statement posted on the event’s Twitter page.”We understand the impact of this news for the Project + community. We will contact all registered attendees at Project + events with more information and the updated refund request procedure shortly“.

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The response to this news has been totally negative, as there were comments such as: “It’s more than frustrating that Nintendo go for these communities and punish them for their passion“Yet another are frustrated by the fact that this measure was taken at the last minute, to which they have responded:”Great that Nintendo cancels an event planned for months just two weeks before it takes place! He is very considerate of all the people who bought airline flights and hotel rooms months ago.“.

The professional gamer of Smash, Hungrybox, also commented on the news: “This is inexcusable at this point. There is no legitimate reason for Nintendo do this, except for a complete disconnect with the current culture of your consumers“.

This news comes just one day after Nintendo will cancel a promising 2D remake of Metroid Prime for fans. Prime 2D, despite being completely different from the GameCube games it was inspired by, has discontinued development after four years, and the developers have even had to remove the game’s demo and soundtrack.

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