Niurka Marcos bikini shows off her figure well-trained, Instagram


Niurka Marcos bikini shows off her figure well-trained, Instagram | INSTAGRAM

Niurka Marcos, delighted its fans by providing a photo, to see where his fans were, like his body was after so much exercise, and what attracted the most attention, is that it was, in a bikini and very attractive.

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The star of a photo shared where we can see how she enjoys a few moments in the pool, because so many of the exercise routines I bercerai a relaxing day before he life more, because she loves to Shine in the form, as the beautiful woman she is.

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On the photo you can see, Niurka was on a couch in what looks like a hotel, with a smile, and enjoy the rays of the sun, wearing a bikini and a pair of sunglasses that highlighted his beautiful silhouette, with which they enchanted their fans, which is why you could even prove.

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On the photo, it has made 21 thousand wishes and a thousand comments where his fans have enjoyed and admired, with messages of love and declared his love, because the dancer is very loved by many and many more through the so-called bebenius.

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The star loves to be the center of attention, and the exception is never repeated on his Instagram officially, it loads normally photographs that you send, with which they exceeded each and every time, some of them entirely without clothes on the bed.

Nirka is very self-aware and at the same time a tall figure, all this must be added through many exercise routines that leads you to be his positive mentality and for a woman, motivated, full of love to himself.

Niurka has been involved recently in a scandal, the battle between her and Laura Bozzo, the two stars, are beaten, because Irina Baeva has announced, his nets, his lecture on “Arriba ” Eva” has not been canceled, in the case of an event of the women as the organisers wanted to be in front of a scandal, as the Russian of the man-thief had qualified.