No big deal, just Dwayne Johnson doing bicep curls and using his 5-year-old daughter as a weight

Dwayne Johnson he loves a good workout and, moreover, he enjoys spending time with his children. His weight-lifting sessions at his home gym, Iron Paradise, don’t usually interfere with the time he spends with his two younger daughters. However, in some cases his training regimen intersects with his time spent with his children. And in this rare case, the result is simply amazing. Johnson shared a video of himself performing biceps curls. But here’s what’s interesting to those who don’t know about his abilities: he used his five-year-old daughter as a burden, as if it was no big deal.

The amazing (and impressive) moment described above is something you don’t see every day. However, leave it to the man also known as The Rock among wrestling fans to give his social media followers such a fun spectacle. The 51-year-old posted a video on his Instagram showing his smiling little girl Tiana being lifted up and down. He and his child were enjoying a fun moment while walking in the park. Check out the sweet footage set to the classic Rick Ross tune “Hustlin'”:

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