No Brady, but Patrick Mahomes; Raul Allegri analyzes NFL season

The NFL is in good hands. During the 22 seasonIn the game of the 21st century, Tom Brady has established himself as a protagonist. achievements On the grill, historic #12 marked Before and after the NFL.

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Fans and the NFL itself will miss out on the eventual Super Bowl champion, but the post-Brady era has a new heir to the throne: Patrick Mahomes.

“There are always linebacker changes in the NFL. Tom Brady is unique, what he does is unprecedented. Stay at this level for 20 years, play 10 Super Bowls it’s incomprehensible. But the NFL has Patrick Mahomes, who is the face of the league, and Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts are here. It’s a league that’s constantly being renewed, and as a player, I’ve learned that no matter who you are or what you do, we’re replaceable. Someone will take your place and everything will be different But they are different and the public will get used to it”, commented Raúl Allegre in a conversation with ESTO.

This former NFL player is the only one Two Mexicans have won at least one Super Bowl, In his case two, he cemented himself as a TV analyst after retiring in the 90s The most important American football in Latin America.

who is the favourite?

Allegri passes the ball as a kickerColts, Giants and Jets, Envision a very even campaign, and while Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs are the leading title contenders, he’ll have to stay level. At an American conference, he was threatened several times.

“It’s hard to know who’s going to the Super Bowl. Kansas City is favorite, but AFC has plenty of teams With star quarterbacks. All the favorites have question marks on the offensive line, and if a team doesn’t have a good front, they can hardly compete. Across the country, there are San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas. There are still many issues to be defined. Everyone has their weaknesses,” said the Torreón native of Coahuila.

The Chiefs, the NFL’s new dynasty

Led by Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs unseat Patriots for three Super Bowl titles in past five years Become the new dynasty of the NFL.
Raul Allegri is well aware that all of the great teams in history have had a head coach and a generation of quarterbacks. That’s the secret to success.

“It is important coach and quarterback combinationThis is how a team can rise above and become a dynasty. Tom Brady would never have been Tom Brady without Bill Belichick’s structure. Patrick Mahomes lands with Andy Reed, A great coach who is now a genius thanks to Mahomes. When you put together a great quarterback and a great coach, you have something beyond. The history of the NFL has shown that,” the analyst explained.

new generation

The quarterback position has changed over the past few years.With Brady retiring, few Pins left in the back of the pocket. Currently they use every space to run and deal damage to the ground

Despite changing trends, Raul Allegri believes ‘the classic quarterback will never go away. Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert have that classic style;Patrick Mahomes is unique, but we also can’t compare him to Justin Fields, Lamar Jackson or Jalen Hertz. We no longer have a Brady or Peyton Manning quarterback. A quarterback who knows how to read defense, accuracy and a great competitive spirit will never go away.

cowboys and steelers favorite

The Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers remain the NFL teams with the most fans in Mexico, although they More than ten years of accumulation None of them won a Super Bowl.

in the case of The Cowboys’ drought is approaching 30 years, They hope to turn that around with the help of 2023 Dak Prescott.

“Dallas is short of a running back. Tony Pollard is a good player, but he can’t take the penalty at the position, 20 or 25 offenses per game, “But they probably have the best defense in the league, and that’s enough to get them to the playoffs,” Raul Allegri said of his old rivals in the NFC East.

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Of the Steelers and the options they overtook in the campaign, he said: “Pittsburgh, while they didn’t give them a lot of options, they had a gEverything has huge potential and they will have six starters New developments on defense. I think they are on the right track. They could end up being the dark horses of the season. “

two NFL teams Most Popular With Mexican FansThey desperately need a win to bring them back to their former glory on the pitch.

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