“No forces”. Re-test of the star Serf for coronavirus was positive

Natalka Denisenko (Photo: natalka_denisenko / instagram.com)

The star of the series Serf Natalka Denisenko published an emotional post about a prolonged illness.

Denisenko took a second test after 14 days of illness, but it turned out to be positive, despite the actress’s good health.

“I was sure that the test will show that everything is over! But the test was positive. How??? How many tests and how long do you need to pass ??? Do they say that maybe 30 days and several months ??? Aggression, anger, fear, powerlessness … This is the spectrum of emotions! Because there is simply no strength! Because I do not want to be a Victim, but I want to be the Creator of my life! ”, – Natalka Denisenko wrote on Instagram.

She thanked everyone for their words of support and admitted that during her illness she realized how wonderful life is.

“Natalka, who always believes in the best, with a super positive and confidence in the happiness of tomorrow, was in complete despair yesterday and the last 10 days. Because of this virus, I completely forgot who I am and what I am doing in this World! So I want and choose my #happinessirlove !!! And I wish all of you the most beautiful thing in this life !!! Pleasure and joy! I simply cannot do something else and I don’t want to waste my energy … ”, – added the actress.

In the comments, fans actively wish Natalka Denisenko a recovery and do not understand why she is not allowed to work, because “the virus can be in the body for 3 months, but you do not pose a threat to society.”