No, no tea can prevent the COVID-19 as it secures the father Solalinde


The priest Alejandro Solalinde, with over 260 thousand followers on Twitter, stated that the green tea, chamomile and clove of léon are a mixture effective for the prevention of spread of COVID-19, but the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated on multiple occasions that this information is false.

Or teas or hot water

In the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19, has circulated on social networks, misinformation about home remedies related to hot water and teas. But none of these measures is true or is based on official information from the WHO or the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

No food or drink is part of the recommendations of the WHO to prevent and combat the virus. Verifiers as is of Spain and Aos Fatos Brazil confirmed with experts that none of the teas suggested by Solalinde, or other foods, drinks or substances can prevent or cure the COVID-19.

“It seems to Me that it is science fiction. I have not heard of any food or drink go against the coronavirus,” he said to is the researcher Luis Enjuanes, department of Molecular and Cellular Biology National Center of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC) in Madrid and director of the Laboratory of Coronavirus CNB.

For more information, you can see these checks and infographics:

It is false that drinking warm water prevents coronavirus-Covid-19

¡Aguas! Drinking or rinsing the mouth with these liquids does NOT prevent the Covid-19

Alkalize not

In his tweet, the priest supported the recommendation of the tooth of a lion to be “alkalinizing”. But alkalinity is not a method of prevention for the new coronavirus.

For this note, Animal MX consulted with the respect to Dr. Michel Fernando Martinez, the Leader of the Unit of Epidemiological Surveillance of TecSalud and Dr. Jose Campillo, a researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Biology of the Science Faculty of the UNAM.

According to Dr. Martinez, our lungs and kidneys maintain the proper pH in the body through the ‘pH-regulation’.

“We have not seen the benefit in getting to a alkalinization more to combat this disease or any other.” said Dr. Martinez.

And, according to Dr. Campillo, lower pH at 7.3 or above 7.4 would cause the enzymes in our body could not function well and that would be serious. We must maintain a normal pH for our enzymes (catalysts natural to speed up the chemical reactions to keep our vital functions) to work efficiently.”

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