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We live in Addison Rae’s world, only many still don’t know. At just 20 years old, the phone of this young Louisiana native is the one most pursued by agents, film producers, publicists and record executives in Hollywood. With 78 million followers in TikTok (and another 37 only on Instagram) achieved in just a year and a half, Rae has become one of the undisputed references of generation Z, amassing the greatest fortune to date of all those formed under the umbrella of the Asian social network. A figure who is about to transcend beyond the admiration of his contemporaries to try to captivate audiences of all ages and for which multinationals such as Netflix and Spotify are already fighting.

Addison Rae is the epitome of the new global, multitasking, cross-platform star, with the undisguised intention of expanding his digital fame into film, music and business. This is demonstrated by the confirmation of what will be her first starring role as an actress and that will arrive later this year on Netflix. The tiktokera will head the poster of He’s all that, remake of a teen comedy released in the late nineties. The story will focus on the footsteps of the most popular girl in high school (Rae) who, after being humiliated in the nets by her ex-boyfriend, decides to take revenge on him by turning the most shy and apocalyptic companion (Tanner Buchanan) of the class into the king of prom. according to Deadline, the reason that Netflix has decided to buy the rights to the film worth 20 million dollars is none other than the participation in it of the generational star. “My dreams come true. I am so grateful for the opportunities that are being presented to me and none would have been possible without each of you,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Still from ‘He’s all that’, which will be released at the end of the year.

Although she is not the most followed young woman in the world on TikTok (that honor belongs to Charli D’Amelio), Rae is the one who has been able to best capitalize so far on her fame in the emerging social network. According to the magazine Forbes, its five million dollars pocketed in a year place it as the highest paid, a figure that expects to increase exponentially taking into account the growth of the platform in recent months. In addition to the imminent project with Netflix, Rae is also the ambassador of the fashion firm American Eagle, has been the image of brands such as Hollister, Reebok or the watchmaker Daniel Wellington and has a weekly podcast on Spotify with her mother, Mamma knows best, in which they talk about the issues that are often thorny between children and parents. In January 2020, the prestigious representative agency WME, which currently runs the careers of Charlize Theron or Christian Bale, signed her and her parents, Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez, who also already enjoy profiles followed by millions on TikTok. The whole family – two underage brothers complete it – has their own channel of Youtube.

Rae was one of the guests at the Billboard Music Awards. Photo: getty

To finish off her professional service sheet, in the summer of last year she launched her own vegan makeup firm, Item Beauty, which led to the cover of The New York Times “for having revolutionized the cosmetics sector”. A professional dancer since she was six years old, Rae’s life was not much different from that of any other young woman in the United States before her viral choreographies took her to the sofa of the mythical Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Enrolled in journalism at the university of her native state with the intention of becoming a sports reporter, she did not even manage to be selected to be part of the dance team of the institution. In August 2019 the app from TikTok, he started uploading videos and his life changed completely the day he decided to post a choreography with his mother of mariah carey’s song Obsessed, and the pop diva herself gave her ‘likes’. The virality of the video catapulted her meteorically to fame: she has been a regular of the – few – red carpets organized since the beginning of the pandemia, is a close friend of celebrities as Kourtney Kardashian and Mariah Carey sang the All I Want For Christmas Is You on a video call this past Christmas. If that’s not proof of having triumphed in Hollywood bigger than the sign in the hills of Los Angeles, let Mariah come and see it.

Such is her fanaticism for the singer that Rae has wanted to honor her by titling the first Single of his solo career as well Obsessed. Since its release less than two weeks ago, the music video – with choreography to imitate, of course – has surpassed twelve million views on Youtube to confirm the expectations that place her as the next pop star. Another example of his personality is that he has opted to reject the millionaire offers of record companies and enter the music industry with his own label. For the American, having full control of her personal and professional destiny has been a maxim in her short but successful career. “In therapy I’ve learned that it’s important to lead your own path and make your life what you really want it to be. You create your own destiny,” he declared in the British edition of the magazine Glamour. She can rest easy: the destiny forged so far by her seems, to say the least, brilliant.


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