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no trace of his face (nor his eyebrows)

We know that in the Kardashian world anything is possible, even looking like someone else with all the paraphernalia that is mounted on the body and face. The most famous sisters in the world dare with everything, total, then they have money to fix wrecking, right? This time we do not come to tell you about any escabechina, we come to teach you how much a person with a different hair tone can change and with… Discolored eyebrows. Yes Kim Kardashian (40) it has done so and… It could be her or Carmen Lomana herself.

Virtually all the sisters, whether boat or wig, have passed through the blonde, but we’ve never seen anything like it before. Kim, was it necessary to discolor your eyebrows? Did you want to make yourself a Kiko Matamoros in his latest aesthetic operation? We don’t know but the result is shocking to say the least.

It has been in stories of Instagram where we’ve seen Kim in this guise, and all by curro. The celeb has been put like this to record the Outdoor Basics campaign of its brand of girdles, that is to SKIMS. They tell the Daily Mail that the stylist Jesus Guerrero has been the one who has combed the platinum hairpiece with dark roots of Kim, while Ariel Tejada, gave a complete outline to his face. We don’t know how many hours it took Kim to look like someone else but here’s the result.

Seriously… Who you are and what you’ve done with Kim, ma’am.

With platinum blonde, skateboard.

It is clear that to change the color of your eyebrows you have to be very brave… it is unrecognizable!

As we told you, Kim has done this photo shoot to promote her latest project: SKIMS will be the official supplier of underwear and pajamas of the U.S. team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. What a level!

“Since I was 10 years old, my stepfather told me all the details of the Olympics. When I saw the athletes compete, I understood the dedication and honor of being part of the Olympics. I traveled with my stepfather and family to all the cities for the Olympic Trials, the Olympics and the @caitlynjenner athletics competitions and at each stop I bought an Olympic shirt as a souvenir. When I got the call inviting Skims to join the @TeamUSA 🇺🇸, all the moments I’ve spent admiring the strength and energy of the Olympians from the barrier came full circle. I am honored to announce that @skims is designing the U.S. team’s official underwear, pajamas and loungewear for athletes this year in Tokyo and the same pieces will be available in a capsule collection in SKIMS.COM 🇺🇸.”

Well, if you’ve been inspired by Caitlyn Jenner… have you now done it in Carmen Lomana?

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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