No way home, Marvel Studios only made one request for the Goblin’s look

A few days ago, the film’s official artbook was released in the US, which includes a large amount of discarded concept art, concept art, and preliminary ideas that the creative team took into account during development. The volume also contains some alternative views on goblins From Willem Dafoe.

In volume, Ryan Minerding (Head of the visual development department of the company Marvel Studios) told how the creative team approached the creation of new costumes for old villains and how they tried to “modernize” and “update” their appearance. The only request from Marvel Studios was to create the right mix of his classic Sam Raimi movie look and MCU style:

The Goblin is a character that from the first film had an iconic, enhanced look. We were tasked to see how much of it we could keep while still feeling like it already exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And we tried adding a hood to give it a more comical look.

Green Goblin: No Way Home 2

Concept artist Phil Saunders reveals that some ideas that were rejected included the possibility of the villains gaining technology from various MCU characters, including iron Man:

We had some ideas about whether these villains could access MCU technology, create new costumes and new weapons. This idea was scrapped, but we kept the concept: we took their original costumes and updated them with elements that were reminiscent of the MCU but had their own distinct look.

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