Noah Centineo gave his cell phone number to talk with him


During the quarantine period, many of the celebrities are looking to get closer to their fans and be more empathetic in this situation that the country is living, so in order to make more enjoyable the time, Noah Centineo has decided to share your cell phone number to talk with him and tell him all about it and definitely did so in a way quite cute that he has stolen the heart and we want to call it already.

And is that through his account of Instagram, Noah made a video where he told his fans that you want to communicate in a more personal form with all where also asked that they could tell you everything that concerns them, if they want to talk about himself, what frightens them to the two or anything, even about the quarantine, the only thing he wants is to answer to their fans directly and not just do it in private messages, why is that he shared his number.

“I’ve been looking for a way to connect truly with you and finally I found it. I’ll let you know when you are in your city, when you get a new role, when you exit a book that excites me, when you can’t sleep and wants to know who else is thinking of some crazy thing, when you learn something new, when it is. I will send you a message first. So hit my line +(561)-220-0860”said in his video.

So if you are feeling alone, lonely, or need someone to talk to, it turns out that Noah Centineo will be there to listen to you and more when you are already single for some months ago, the news that Noah he already had a girlfriend and it was a girl, quite pretty, sexy and talented, without a doubt, had been devastating for those who had a crush with him, but also for those who loved Alexis Ren from head to toe. However, it seems that now ended up as the two left followed on social networks.