Noah Centineo had to undergo surgery


Noah Centineo he shared with his fan the state of his health and recovery…

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At the beginning of the last month of October, Noah hurt his knee when he was playing a game of basketball with his friends, unfortunately for the actor, “To All the Boys that I Fell in love with,” the injury was a serious one, and had to undergo surgery.

The actor shared a photo on Instagram in which has a compress on the knee, minutes after he suffered the injury.

On the day of your operation, the actor shared in their stories of Instagram how they were preparing for the surgery.

Finally, the actor stated that the surgery had been a success and that I was already in recovery, even showed how happy he was to be able to move the ankle, a sign that all was well.

His girlfriend Alexis Ren, has been in all the time with him, and it seems to cause a positive effect on the recovery of Noah.

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