Noah Lyles also won 200m gold and broke Usain Bolt’s record

Noah Lyles He achieved his goal: after declaring himself world champion 100 metresThe American reaffirms his 200m crown on Friday Budapestand became the first athlete to achieve double speed in the sport world from Bolt 2015.

LylesNow 26 years old, he has won three consecutive championships, winning in 19 seconds and 52 minutes.another american, young man Erion Knighton (19.75, silver) and Botswana Lezier Tebogo (19.81, Bronze) completed the podium in this final.

Tebogo won a silver medal in the 100m and was recognized as one of the emerging stars.

he World Athletics Championships Not since the days of Usain Bolt did Jamaica have a speed star who could win the 100m and 200m in the same men’s event. Kingston He has said something to him that sounds like a transfer of power.

“You’re good, I’m glad to see you. Our sport needs that, it needs character.”

Since Bolt’s double in 2015, the 100m and 200m titles have been divided between different athletes. Lyles able to win the 200m race Doha 2019 Last year in Eugene, he won another Olympic bronze medal at this distance.

approaching record

in record 200 meters At the World Championships, Lyles is already the second man to win the most titles, close to the four titles won by Bolt.He left behind Americans Calvin Smith (1983, 1987) and Michael Johnson (1991, 1993), they each won two gold medals in half a lap of the track.

LylesHis personal best is 19.31 and he ran 19.47 in July this season, but is still far away from one of the goals he has set for himself, one day to break Bolt’s world record for the distance. That is still 19.19. 2009 World Cup Berlin.

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