Noah, what went wrong with the Russell Crowe movie?

Noah this is a 2014 movie airing tonight late at 11:20 pm on Rai Movie channel. Director Darren Aronofsky – what comes from beautiful WHALE with whom Brendan Fraser won an Oscar – Noah is a film whose purpose is to show on the big screen one of the most famous events of the Bible – the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark. The result, however, did not convince everyone.

Noah, plot

Noah (Russell Crowe) he is a seemingly normal man who lives his life along with his family. The last descendant of Seth, one of the three children of Adam and Eve, Noah begins to have visions in which God asks him to build an ark to save the animals, while He will take care of preserving the rot that the descendants of Cain poured into the world. In search of answers to the message sent by God, a person is accompanied by his children Shem (Douglas Booth) and cam (Logan Lerman) to the house of his grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins), in the hope that it might show him the way. After the adoption of little Ila (Emma Watson) at the insistence of his wife (Jennifer Connelly), Noah eventually really understands the scope of the mission he’s been given and decides to get to work. Plant a seed of Eden and watch the forest grow from which he can extract the wood he needs for his titanic enterprise. Meanwhile, however, life goes on, and doubts, betrayals and jealousy will threaten the purity of Noah’s family.

What went wrong with Darren Aronofsky’s movie?

If you are looking for Noah Online rotten tomatoes – the most famous review aggregator in the industry – Darren Aronofsky’s film is noted to have received a good seventy-five percent positive reviews from industry critics. Far from a negative result, which, on the contrary, speaks of how much the majority of critics who reviewed the film actually appreciated it. However, if we look at the percentage related to public satisfaction on the same site, the approval percentage drops to 44 percent. In keeping with a somewhat snobbish prejudice, it’s common to think that the public’s opinion doesn’t matter much when evaluating a film: however, it’s the public that decides whether a film succeeds or not, it’s the public’s money that allows production within your budget. What happened to Noah, according to the data published on the site. Checkout Mojo, according to which, on an initial budget of around $125 million, the film earned more than twice as much worldwide. So Darren Aronofsky’s film cannot be called a failure either in terms of critical reception or in terms of box office. But that forty-four percent dissatisfaction of those who paid for the ticket remained. So the question arises what went wrong with this big-budget film.

WITH Noah Darren Aronofsky wanted to tell the story that the siteInternet Movie Database, which fascinated him from childhood. But, sitting behind the camera, the director chose not to offer his viewers a sacred story, trying to focus only on the universal values ​​that this story conveyed. A choice that means that Noah is presented to the public not as a Noah movie, but as real fantasy, complete with fallen angels that seem to be built to resemble transformers, which in the same years confirmed their hegemony in cinemas, and the first three chapters collected almost record fees. Therefore, if on the one hand there was a part of the public who expected to see a film that slavishly told the story contained in the Bible and remained disappointed, then on the other hand there were fantasy lovers who found themselves in front of a film that, despite the fact that it was a massive and high-budget, yet had a deep author’s streak that made it a hybrid product. And perhaps that was the biggest problem. Noah: its hybrid nature, a mixture of several registers and many ambitions, unable to satisfy any audience “array”. Added to this is also a cast of almost obnoxious characters, and while it was intended to make Noé a difficult and difficult person to analyze, on the other hand, it’s also true that the film needs someone the public can connect with. empathy, which is almost non-existent in this film.

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