Nokia 8.3 5G, package-Complete with camera 64 MB and a RAM of 8 GB


ESPOO, AYOBANDUNG.COM — Nokia will be releasing the smartphone complete with quality 5g, camera, 64 MB and a RAM of 8 GB.

Phone brand new, that dikabarkana the name of Nokia 8.3 5G.

Quote from GSM Arena, Monday (23/3/2020), the line-up this is ready to be presented Flagship killer. So, the device is equipped with a screen of the jumbo-ZEISS-Quad-camera, and support 5G network.

The eyes of the user with spoiled by 6.81 inches of pure display FullHD high dynamic range. For the front camera-support swafoto, this device you can rely on the 24 MP the front-facing camera with ZEISS optics.

Well, for the rear camera, Nokia immersion ZEISS-quad-camera-consisting of 64 MP main sensor and 12 MP ultrawide-module. Then, two other lenses, macro lenses and lenses ready for blur-effects.

About the performance, this device is powered by the Snapdragon-765G chipset with 6 GB RAM or 8 GB. While on the StorageNokia offers two options, namely the 64 GB and 128 GB.

All the features were supported by a battery of 4,500 mAh. With all these advantages, Nokia a device that is capable of ready-to-present, reliable in every page of the computing, speed of access, the camera is very good and the network in the location.

The plan, this product will be launched in the summer of this year. Nokia was optimistic that this product can be an attractive option, because it is in 5G network, which is varied so as to have a network that has no electricity and a 5G network that will come.

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