Nokia Restarts Nokia XpressMusic’, Price Rp 600.000 –


HMD seems to be Global as the holder of the license Nokia lately to re-release some of the line smartphone from Nokia want to be popular so far.

Before you even launched the Nokia 3310 and 8110 version of ‘reborn’ last year. Now HMD Global officially, the latest version. Namely, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, the phone which is very popular in the 2000s.

The Nokia 5310 has now become a feature phone or a phone with a higher fundamental frequency But no-frills ‘XpressMusic’. Like its predecessor, this phone is exactly the hobby of listening to music.

The Nokia 5310 is Available For those who Like to Listen to music

Nokia 5310 |

Probably so, because the phone has a frame that is already equipped with shortcut buttons to control the music played (playback).

The placement of the playback button on the Nokia 5310 is different to the version that jadulnya. Where is the play/pause button, next and previous Nokia 5310 latest version of placed in the right-hand frame. Not on the left as its predecessor.

In addition, In the part of the left frame Nokia 5310 this latest version also installed, a button to adjust the volume (up/down). While it is in the second side of the load button-a button on the accent colors used are black and last red, the identity of the XpreesMusic.

This phone is Suitable For those who Want to nostalgia

If one of the hardware, this phone is a 2.4 inch display (QVGA resolution), and equipped with MediaTek chips MT6260A, RAM-8 MB internal memory and 12 MB.

Storage capacity in this phone can be expanded with microSD up to 32GB. The battery from the Nokia 5310 is with the capacity of 1200 mAh, which supposedly is capable of up to 30 days (Stand-by), or you can lead the activity of the phone is 20.7 hours.

Specifications of Nokia 5310 include, for example, a camera with VGA resolution, keyboard type T9, 3.5 mm audio Jack and two speakers embedded in the front (in the front).

Nokia 5310 only supports connection to 2G network only, not 3G or 4G supported networks.

So this phone certainly can not be used in areas with 2G network. In the European region, own Nokia 5310 mix comes in two color choice, which is identical to the previous generation. Namely, the Black/Red and White/Red. This phone sells for 39 Euro or Idr over 667.000.