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Second album No name after the best Room 25 since 2018 (we talked about it here), sundial this came as a pleasant surprise, given that the girl seemed to be taking other paths besides music, including opening libraries and reading circles, so interest seemed to be waning. Instead (re) here it is, with exactly the kind of album that was expected – we’re always in the realm of the usual super-elegant jazz-hop and for that reason a bit predictable – but with even sharper language.

He even criticizes much of the most famous African American star system: Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ©, Obama, even Kendrick. Anti-colonialism, anti-militarism, anti a bit of everything. Then between the feat. Find us Jay Electronics – one that, between anti-Semitic stances and collusion with Jay-Z, shouldn’t fit into this entry – and so it’s a bit hard to know where the seriousness of the operation starts, but so be it. Musically, he “waves” between gospel (Gospel? exactly), tighter turns, but always very soft (Hold me) and lots of jazz pastries. Rap is always smooth, rich, bordering on spoken word. Political anger is presented in foil and this seems to be the definitive list of Noname that has a lot to say and few but very effective ways to do it.

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