North Korea confirms to UN that US soldier has been arrested

Arrested in North Korea. Pyongyang confirmed to the United Nations that it was in the custody of US soldier Travis King, who crossed the border on 18 July and whose traces have been lost.

Confirmation from North Korea

After weeks of uncertainty comes confirmation. At the request of the United States, North Korea confirmed to the UN command that it had an American soldier in its custody.

It’s about Travis King, 23 which on July 18 crossed the border established along the 38th parallel and entered the territory of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Panmunjom checkpoint separating the two Koreas, near which Travis King broke into North Korea.

The UN also announced that it would not provide further information about the response. Pyongyang he gave so as not to impede the return of the soldier to his homeland.

Who is the arrested soldier

Travis Scott is a 23 year old American military man. Second-class, he ended up in jail in South Korea after getting into a drunken brawl at a Seoul club.

He was released on 10 July but was charged with assault. He had to return to the United States to face an army disciplinary hearing about his conduct.

At the airport though it would be fled immediately after security check and from that moment on his escort would have lost sight of him. When the US military heard about him again, he was already in the hands of the North Korean authorities.

How did he manage to cross the border?

A few days later, Travis King reappears in excursion demilitarized zone and checkpoint Panmunjom Joint Security Area, The famous border between the two Koreas.

Despite the name, this one of the most protected military areas in the world, with miles of minefields and barbed wire separating the two states.

Left the tour group The king allegedly illegally crossed the border into North Korea. Therefore, he would be stopped here, even if the dynamics of his escape are not yet entirely clear.

Photo source: ANSA

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