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The player community, were shocked by the announcement of exclusive games, PlayStation 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, the will be released on the PC.

Various comments given by the players to be better gamers console, disappointed, and the PC gamers were very excited. In response, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, Herman Hulst, spoke up.

In a question-and-answer session on the PlayStation blog, Hulst explained that, by the exclusive games of Sony on the PC, you are able to reach a new audience that you could not reach.

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He, however, stressed that Sony will continue to focus on providing support to their hardware through the development of a game-exclusive game.

“In my opinion, it is important to be open to new ideas in the introduction of a (product) PlayStation community, players and show that you have missed something (during this time)”, Hulst.

“To calm the fans, (I guarantee) release of a AAA gaming on the PC means that all the exclusive games we will be present on the PC. It is only, I think Horizon Zero Dawn is the right game for the moment,” he continued.

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In addition Horizon Zero Dawn, already quite a lot of exclusive games for PlayStation 4 released on the PC. Some of which are in franchise Yakuza and a number of game farming Quantic Dream.

In addition, the game will belong to Kojima Productions, Death / Stranding also to be published by 505 Games in the near future.

As a comparison, the competitors Sony, Microsoft, the game has the exclusive for Xbox One at the same time with the release of their pc in the last couple of years