“Not draconian measures”: López Obrador ruled out a curfew in Mexico by coronavirus


Although the health emergency that lives in Mexico has caused a good part of the population to stay in their homesthis has not diminished the rates of violence in the country and despite this panorama, the president, Lopez Obrador has been emphatic when rule out the possibility of implementing a curfew.

Nothing of curfew, nothing of authoritarianismall by reason and by the law, no to draconian measures and dubious effectiveness for the purpose that we have”, stated the representative of federal, who denied the possibility that there is a time limit for people to be on the streets.

One of the effects expected by the chief Executive in the wake of the epidemic by the new coronavirus was the decline of violencebut it has not been so. From their perspective, those who practice it are organized crime gangs that is still contesting spaces between them.

“We have already been able to go lowering the number of homicides, the number of crimes in general. I’m not singing victory, that’s why we’re here, every day, to go to receive the report of what is happening in this matter we can not leave. Yes, the coronavirus, but also to ensure the peace, ” he said.

However, the figures do not show an advance in a matter of killings and, in fact, since we detected the first case of Covid-19 in the countryon the 28th of February, more than 2,000 people have been killed. In addition, the implementation of phase 2 of the contingency and quarantine have failed to be facts significant for the reduction of this phenomenon.

During the period from 1 to 26, according to reports security reports daily, post to 2,142 victims for this crimen, which is equivalent to an average of at least 82 people killed every daybeing three days after the start of phase 2, the most violent, because there were almost 88 homicides every 24 hours.

It is worth mentioning that the authorities have detected states to which they established as red dots with respect to this crime. Guanajuato it is located at the head of all, as only during those three days accumulated 45 homicides. In addition, a few days before, the march 20, two charred bodies were found inside a pickup truck.

The 24 to 26 marchthe entities of the Republic where it is detected more cases of murder after Guanajuato were the State of Mexico, with 27 victims; Jalisco, with 22 cases; Chihuahua, with 16; and in the fifth position Michoacán, with 15. The only three states where there were no voluntary manslaughter in this period was Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur and Nayarit.

At the conference this Friday, Lopez Obrador also made reference to the cases that may give the interior of the housingalthough he dismissed the issue: “this is Not domestic violencedo not go out to say, without foundation, that as now people are in their houses, there is now more confrontation”.

Even stressed that in the middle of the panorama current health “is seeing the brotherhood of the family”; however, several specialists have warned about the possibility that the attacks on the houses increaseespecially those that are directed towards women.

On the 25th of march, Olga Sánchez Cordero, head of the ministry of the Interior explained that the be the whole family gathered in one place and the economic difficulties that experience will influence in the increase of violence against women and minors.

For this reason, the federal government and the National center of Reproductive Health and Genderestablished that the number of emergency 911 will have the ability to address cases of domestic violence and gender during the contingency for the victims to receive the support of the relevant actors.

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