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An unusual event happened in the India. A young man presented his candidacy for public office for the first time in the local elections of his town. The politician did not believe that he would win, but he ended up disappointed and crying after learning that none of his relatives or even his friends voted for him. He only got one vote, the one he cast himself..

The protagonist of this story is santosh halpati. This young man wanted to enter politics independently and ran for local elections where he lives, in the village of Chharwala, in the district of Vapi in India.

Halpati wanted to start small in this environment and that is why he aspired to occupy the position of sarpanch. The term is also known in this small Indian community as gram pradhan or mukya. It is a position that exists only there. In our country it would be a position similar or similar to that of a municipal councillor.

If there was something was very clear about this candidate was that he was not going to win the elections of his town. But he believed that he had at least the support of his family and friends. However, that thought ended up disappearing when the final results of the elections were known.

Candidate Santosh Halpati received only one vote in the elections, his. In this way, he knew none of his 12 relatives of voting age, including his mother, or any of his friends placed their trust in him.

The young man understood that the other locals might not vote for him because he was new or perhaps because they did not know him, but that no one in his family gave him their support, something that, according to him, they had promised him, is something that left him totally devastated.

The local television channel Oneindia Hindi captured the moment when the young candidate Santosh Halpati learned what the final results of the elections were and began to cry inconsolably. “Elections come and go. But I only have one vote, not even my family voted for me.”Halpati lamented.

Later, he was unable to continue with the interview when he saw the long lines of people on the street with their envelopes in hand, ready to vote. This caused him even more disappointment. Dado hoped someone would pick it. The video has gone viral on social networks, where it already accumulates thousands of views on YouTube.

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