‘Not for farting’: Fernández Noronha attacks UNAM for mask use

andyesterday I, University Research Program in Epidemiology and Emerging Risks of National Autonomous University of MexicoDue to changes in behavior in recent days, people are advised to re-use masks in enclosed spaces Coronavirus disease in Mexico.

this was not well received Gerardo Fernandez Norrona2024 presidential candidate brunette and related parties, who are in his account Twitter is called “idiot” for workers Prey: “People from @UNAM_MX are idiots. I want health authorities to stop this from happening.”

Fernandez Noronha criticized for his message

In replies to his tweet, most messages disagreed with what the licensed representative wrote labor party: “National Supreme Institute got a demerit? Seriously? What’s the basis? What’s the backing?”, “I should go to @Tu_IMSS’s ER to see how many tests are positive and there are still people at risk”, ” Call them idiots because they are? You don’t know respect? This is a recommendation!!” and “I don’t think these types of comments are good for your presidency!”.

What did UNAM say?

in shared files PreyThe country’s highest academy commented: “Changes in Covid-19 behavior in our country in recent weeks, particularly in terms of case numbers and diagnostic test positivity rates, suggest widespread community-level transmission of the virus in most parts of the world.”

Advice from the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Although the situation is relatively calm and general conditions are good, general measures to prevent infection and complications are advised to continue at this time of year Coronavirus diseaseand other respiratory illnesses (influenza, RSV, pneumonia, etc.).

Among its main recommendations, the following stand out:

  • Use of masks When spending more than 30 minutes with multiple people in an enclosed place with little or no ventilation.
  • If you have symptoms of acute respiratory illness, always wear a mask When living with other people.
  • People with symptoms of acute respiratory illness (flu, cold, cough, sore throat, fever) should try to isolateRest for three to five days to recover.
  • do not self-medicate Seek medical attention or follow up to monitor the progression of the condition so that complications can be detected in time.
  • always looking for proper hygiene Personal and furnished facilities.

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