Not just BTS, 10 K-pop bands to add to your playlist

Who are BTS?
BTS is undoubtedly one of the most successful groups in K-pop, with songs topping charts around the world (Photo Ansa) –

K-pop bands combine music, fashion and innovation and have won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Over the past few decades, K-pop has gained unprecedented popularity and influence on the global music scene. This The musical genre has won the hearts of millions catchy tunesChoreographed and visually stunning performance.

Another feature of K-pop overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, Uniting fans from all corners of the world. K-pop’s most famous group is definitely bts extensionwho boasts of albums and chart-topping songs from around the world. but they are not alone: There are many more talented groups hiding in the crowded South Korean music scene.

From Blackpink to Wonder Girls: K-Pop Has Too Many Famous Exponents

In the general imagination of K-pop, immediately after I bts extensionthere are black pink, It is a group of four girls with musical repertoire ranging from pop, hip-hop and EDM. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have amassed millions of fans around the world and have collaborated with major artists such as Lady Gaga and The Weeknd.

who are blackpink
BLACKPINK sets record for most viewed music video in first 24 hours of release (Instagram photo @blackpinkofficial) –

another major group is superma supergroup composed of seven members From other popular K-pop groups like EXO and SHINee. then there are drunk tigerthey are known for Ability to combine different musical styles such as hip-hop, R&B and rock, and has also had a significant influence outside of South Korea.

Then I’m one of the pioneers of K-pop big Bang And this wonder Girls, Bigbang achieved major success with their debut single “La La La” and are distinguished for their ability to challenge musical genres by mixing hip-hop, R&B and electronic music. Furthermore, her passion for fashion helped carve out a unique identity.

Wonder Girls made their debut in the K-pop universe in 2007, when they The first South Korean group to enter the US charts Billboard Hot 100 with the song “Nobody”.

is another popular boy band monsta x, a seven-member group that has a special bond with their fans, known as Monbebes. they prove themselves love for the fans There are frequent online conversations with him. In the past, he even surprised a fan by coming to his workplace and singing his favorite song.

NCT 127 Instead they are renowned for their musical versatility and engaging performances. He has achieved great international success and is known for his ability to blend genres such as hip-hop and R&B.

Besides these, there are other very famous K-pop groups as well. seventeenA group composed of 13 members, MarkI GOT7 And this momoland,

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