Not Only Mars, astronomers Discover New planet that is Habitable


Illustration of the planet. (pixabay/CharlVera) – On the planet that allows it to be inhabited to become Mars is probably the answer. However, recent findings show that it inhabited a new planet in addition to Mars could.

If the Mars in the distance, a new planet could be inhabited, this are exactly in the vicinity of the earth. The Planet is only 124 light years.

To quote Science Daily, astronomers mention that this “new” planet capable of human life. This is because this planet has water and life in the zone in which the structure of the solar system.

Based on the research from the University of Cambridge, in the solar system, the new planet received the name of K2-18b is orbiting a red dwarf star or K2-18.

Because, it is claimed, a place of human habitation, needs no in-depth research on this new planet. First to see, whether there is water in the lower atmosphere or not.

Of The Planet Mars. (Wikipedia/NASA)
Of The Planet Mars. (Wikipedia/NASA)

The study found that the planet, hydrogen is the layer of water that is not too thick. It is the power, the support of the planet in the is, human life.

Further, the levels of chemicals in this new planet, scientists found levels lower in the atmosphere around the planet is really a dwelling.

While the maximum hydrogen content in the world, it can be a place of human life is to 6 percent. This number should be the same as on earth.

Figure Room. (pixabay photos)
Figure Room. (pixabay photos)

Unfortunately, although the oxygen and hydrogen content in the planet is very worthy of the dwelling of the people, the levels of hydrogen to this new planet, you will need to be re-examined.

After making sure the levels of hydrogen in this new planet, it is necessary to ensure that the other elements, whether a planet is truly habitable or not.

Research more about the new planet that is habitable, it needs to be examined by the James Webb Space telescope, to ensure how the planet could be inhabited or not.