Not only Taylor Swift, all the stars are of Italian origin

The superstar found out that she is Cilento, but is about to join her ranks.

It was recently revealed that pop star Taylor Swift hails from the Cilento and her Italian fan base is buzzing. But the American singer is only the latest to join the very well-stocked ranks. Let’s look at some of them.

Robert De Niro is from Molise: his ancestors were born in Ferrazzano, a country of emigrants. Ellen Pompeo’s grandfather, Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith, is from Avellino. Lady Gaga in the registry office is Germanotta: her great-grandfather emigrated from Naso, in the province of Syracuse. Before Swift and Lady Gaga, another pop star, Madonna, showed Italian origin. His father, Silvio Ciccone, is the son of an Abruzzo couple. Leonardo DiCaprio is also from Italy: his great-grandfather Salvatore DiCaprio and his wife got married in America, but are of Campania origin, they are emigrants from Alife. Others include: Bradley Cooper, whose maternal grandparents are from Abruzzo and Campania; Chris Evans, who has an Italian-American mother; Bon Jovi, whose ancestors come from Sicily; Bruce Springsteen of Campania; Alicia Keys, whose relatives are from Sciacca and Lamezia Terme; John Frusciante, whose paternal great-grandfather was born in the province of Avellino; Sofia Coppola; Rachel Bilson; Alexandra Daddario; and finally John Cena.

From: Michaela FERRARI


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