“Not suitable for children.” Pedro Pascal confesses why he has to change his voice for filming in Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal (Photo: @pascalispunk / Instagram)

Actor Pedro Pascal, star of the series The Mandalorian, admitted that young fans of the show would not recognize him without a helmet.

Pascal spoke about this during a video chat with Josh Horowitz as part of his show on Comedy Central. They discussed Pascal’s work in Wonder Woman 1984, as well as The Mandalorian, and how Pascal interacts with young fans.

According to Pascal, sometimes parents ask him to show himself to their children to impress them, but this does not work: “It’s just my face, I don’t have baby Yoda with me, I don’t have a helmet, and they look and think:“ Who is this guy?”.

 Also, the voice of the actor must be unique in order to work with the costume. Just as James Earl Jones, who plays Darth Vader, had a very specific voice, Pascal has a very specific voice that he uses for Dean Jarin.

Pedro Pascal has suggested that he could use his Mandalorian voice to convince children that he is starring in the series, but a problem arises: his voice is too sexy when not deformed by a helmet. According to the actor himself, he is like “a voice for the bedroom and is completely unsuitable for children.”