Not, There are Cheat Mobile legends that Make AFK mass!


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Cheat Mobile Legends Can AFK in A Team – There are less prejudices Game Mobile Legendswhere found, a cheta new again, which is able to cripple the network you are currently playing, whereby the effect of the AFK crowd.

The news was first uploaded by account on Instagram called, where you can get a report from one of the Mobile game, players, legends, where he not reconnect to the game, so that you can lose the game.

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This is quite suspicious, in a comment he said, if first time playing the game Mobile legends network is still normal where you are, ma ‘ Bar, ber 3, and after that all of a sudden ping in the red. The fact that he, himself, in Banjarmasin, and two of his friends stay in Yogyakarta.


Obviously, this is not very likely, you can ugly network are at the same time in two places that are far away. Worse still, in a time when he can see on the back of the history of the game Mobile Legends of these, a total of 4 people AFK in this game.

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Because of this, many players are suspicious, if there is a cheat to Force Quit the game Mobile Legends the. In addition, since the latest update rolling, where a majority of the players who are experiencing the problem of Ireland, where the start button can not be correctly carried out to be ugly network.

It is still unknown whether it is nothing to do with the server Mobile Legends what is problematic, or is it a bug in the game. Hopefully, what is the problem you find the solution.

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