Novaras, Torreras and Los Fayos join Tarazona in water restrictions

The public health department warned three other towns, Novaras, Torreras and Los Fayos, to adopt the same water restrictions as the Tarazona City Council. Cryptosporidium cysts were found along the Quailes River where the towns draw water from the water supply network. Town councils that have issued municipal orders have been notified.

There are two working lines: Continue to investigate where the focus isthat is, how and where the water is contaminated, and adopt the most effective treatment methods. To this end, Seprona has been contacted in case earthworks or any other activity takes place in the area and investigations are ongoing.

We also contacted companies and researchers in Madrid, Valencia, analytical centers in different locations and the University of Zaragoza itself, from where we received recommendations. We’re going to a place where there are experts on Cryptosporidium protozoa.

Health Secretary José Luis Bancalero Flores thanked public health technicians for their intensive work that continues in partnership with the Tarazona City Council. In this city, As of Thursday, the number of registered gastroenteritis cases was 408.

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