Now, abstinence from sex as a political


The Minister for women, family and human rights, Damares Alves

The Minister for women, family and human rights, Damares AlvesPhoto: Reproduction/Instagram

In an effort to prevent teenage pregnancies, the Ministry of women, family and human rights studies program, which encourages young people to not have sex or to delay the onset of sexual activity. The Folha de S. Paulo, national Secretary for the family, and Angela, says Martins, ” to evaluate the folder, to delay, to wait currently of templates “for the one I have chosen, to have intercourse”.

According to her, the idea is to create a program to have the awareness of young people about what is in a sexual relationship and its consequences. “It has to do is raise awareness, to say more than just ‘it to show go for it’ and that a relationship is something that touched the hearts of people, and it’s not just the physical,” he said. Asked whether the proposal should be to promote the provision and use of a rights-based approach, Mr. Martins says that the folder is examined, for a “new vision” and “other way” to combat teenage pregnancies.

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In a statement, the Ministry says that it is the policy of the use of contraceptives is the responsibility of the Ministry of health, and that the model will complement you. He also said that “all condoms do not offer 100% effectiveness,” “, “the best known method of prevention, but have an efficiency, the uptime of up to 99.9% if you follow the recommendations to use for you. The idea is similar to that of a speaks of religious movements such as the one I have Chosen, Wait, is that young Christians are waiting for marriage to have sex.

The founder of the movement, the pastor of the Nelson’s grandson, Jr, it was one of the speakers in a seminar organized by the in December the house of representatives, with a focus on the prevention of sex traffic and teen pregnancy. The meeting was established and visited by Mary Anne Mosack, President of Ascend, an Association in the United States. The Association says, is to act in the area of prevention of sexual risk-taking behavior will be encouraged from youth to healthy decisions about sex.

A meeting is planned for the next week or so. Beyond the family, to the proposal, which is ranked officially as the “sexual initiation, to late”, is explained in detail in the Secretariat of the child and of the adolescent. There is no sign of the amount is to be invested. Data from the Ministry of health show that by the year 2017, the year of the most recent data, which are to be consolidated, it 480.925 birth, babies with mothers between 10 and 19 years, representing 16% of all live-born infants.

In spite of the high number of cases of teenage pregnancy have been falling in the past few years. In the years between 2000 and 2017, a reduction of 36%. Martinez, however, argues for a proposal for a new model. “If you have information, can make the people better-informed decisions. What do you want to do, is consciousness. What today’s parents happens? The children’s relationships start at the age of 12, and you can be pregnant, go to a baile funk, or have relationships with a number of at the same time. We are talking about and have information for you. Teenager: what is sex? This is the brand, which is going to leave you?” he said.

“It is an awareness of the other person. It is not to get there: here’s a condom, here is the anti baby pill, you go in front of you. If you want to, you can also make use of it, but who knows what will be the consequence.” But don’t forget a condom may not be the adhesion of the condom to reduce? “We can’t wait to mismatch any of them. If the person decides that they want to have sex until you are 18, you don’t want to start too early, the person will not have this problem. We will not ask for the condoms, we ask for the respect of human rights,” he said.

Although the praise for the experience I Chose to Wait, the Martins say that the proposal is in the framework of the study have an influence on the religious, but, he says, to values that, in order to meet the expectations of the families for the scores. I asked on Friday (3), the department of Health to comment on a possible participation in the program.

In a statement, the Brazilian society of Pediatrics, says that it is not aware of the program, with an emphasis on abstinence from sex, but she says, “one of the most important in the concept of adolescence, as the national Health System, and is committed, the Statute of the child and the adolescent, the law is the knowledge of each individual to their own body and to information and appropriate care, reproductive health and rights”.