“Now, Beyonce has more of an influence than a Nobel prize”


Account Bernard Pivot that is, the reading of the The picture (The books of the Controls, in Catalan, Edicions 62), and she’s dazed, astonished at the intelligence, and the power of the story. And, he adds, ” the legendary journalist and the cultural, which is Jérôme Ferrari not to have won the Goncourt award in 2012 and if it were given to you right now.

A young actress died in a car accident on the road of Calvi, in Corsica. At the funeral, remind you of your past, and your little girl is fascinated by a photograph of the young man seduced by a militant nationalist, a pro photographer’s wedding or a journalist from a local newspaper that, one day, he left it all to travel to Yugoslavia during the war. It includes some of the political events that convulsionaron island of Corsica, at the end of the XX.

In a sense, that’s a photo of a pulitzer

“We have been unjust to him; he could not help, the boy is hungry, there will no longer interact with”

Jérôme Ferrari (Paris, 1968) was a professor of philosophy there, on the island of Corsica, from where they are from their parents, from Algeria, and Abu Dhabi. He lives in France. He received the Goncourt, for In the sermon on the fall of Rome (2012), and the book is that we are dealing with led you to the prize The World (2018), and Méditerranée (2019). The concept of the book is an essay, written together with Oliver Rohe, the story of the war in Libya. They have found images of the abominations of the war, italo-Turkish.

It is not clear whether the book is an homage to or a criticism to the work of a photojournalist.

I have tried to reflect on the ambiguities inherent in that is involved in this work. In time, the photography in the book, represents someone who advocates for a stance that is quite radical: taking into consideration his work as something that is obscene. But this is not the case for me.

Why is a woman’s hand.

Because I greatly admire the women who work in men’s groups. In a land of war. Being a photojournalist is hard enough, and if, in addition to this, you are on a 25-year-old in a club, in a war, but will tell you.

Between the image and the word, which is it?

The image must be a privilege for the obvious: the short-term perspective. But, that doesn’t always mean more efficiency. With a picture, you can get caught up in the illusion that we understand to be a conflict. This is a fake! This is the image that is always in need of a speech that contextualice.

One piece of advice to future fotorreporteros?

Keep in mind that a single picture can be confusing. It is interpreted, sometimes erroneously, for the one who looks at it. Athus it will help to explain it. Especially now, with so many of the images that are out there on the internet.

It gets more difficult when it comes to the professionals who give them how to get to the truth….

I think it’s a false news, they are not a thing of the past in ten years. The problem with this is that we now have the ways and means of the capacity of a broadcast, it never occurred to us to imagine.

The there is an Urgent need of new art?

Absolutely. The majority of the fake pictures from the internet are not fake, they are real, but are about a foot from the photo that doesn’t match. I always think of a quote from Hannah Arendt in the origins of the d-and l –
talitarismo : “The very essence of a totalitarian State is not a part of the nazi believes, but rather of someone who is no longer able to distinguish reality from fiction. That last sentence should be light.

Up to that point, they had won the Goncourt him, he pushed on to reach the level you expected?

In the beginning, yes, I was afraid of, now they don’t. It is the most, today I write without worrying too much about the person who is going to read it to me.

The book is reminiscent of Kevin Carter, the photographer who won a Pulitzer with the photo of the boy is hungry, and the vulture, looking at him.

I think we were very unfair to him. He couldn’t possibly have anything to do with such a child, among other things, because it is the same as “Red Cross” of the child leads to an identification wristband) do not let anyone to intervene in this conflict, even if it puts at risk their health. They are the people inmunitariamente fragile, and can only be accessed by the organization. You will not have left behind. You are not allowed to touch nor interact with it.

It ended up dying.

The fact that Carter was part of a group of four fotorreporteros, and one of them, another close friend, also died. Living on the edge. They were reporters of fact, they had the pelego.

You can also play it for the life of the sail.

I do not know, you may not know it, until you find yourself in this situation.

The first time I’ve seen a picture of the Cover I thought, “I should never have seen the photo. I wanted to delay the time for thirty seconds, and you don’t have to have ever seen…

But was it necessary?

Right now, I think that this is a photograph of an absolutely necessary and it is one of the most horrible I have ever vi. The controversial rear end is the least of it.

Have you had the same experience with a photo of Eddie Adams, this iconic run in Saigon?

This one I think it was a shot that he taught at the institute and to the handbook of the history, the chapter on the Vietnam War. It is true that Adams said, “in the picture, and the general cast of the head of the victim, and I, along with my camera, I shot and killed the general.”

Those who have a social responsibility with their work, the writer or the photographer?

Recently nadaaa…. Today’s Games have more influence, and more social responsibility on the citizen to that of any Nobel prize. For narcissism, exaggerated the value of a work of art is, in general, and the novel in particular.

You promised us that you don’t desvelaría the name of the person who gave you the most valuable…

What I have promised. I think I had experienced a very hard, in the republic of Croatia, and I don’t want to remember, he was trying to keep himself at a distance, he was talking about, it must be something psychological… it would have Been my main source, not your identity.

The ego of the writer and of the French is higher than that of the rest of it?

Well, I didn’t spend the day in Café de Flore, I do not like in environments that are elite. We admire the people who did it for the magazine Inculte, and friends like Mathias Enard.

You can still feel the left side?

I don’t know, I’m confused, because fifteen years ago it was the centre-left. Now, I think I’m almost a trotskyist…