Now we know why the looks of Juliana Awada are spectacular


In full quarantine, Juliana spent a very special message to Elsa, her mom, along with a picture that leaves us in light of who he inherited the elegance and the style of dress.

“IHappy 84-year-old mom! Without a doubt this is a birthday different, but you don’t stop to amaze me with your strength, your optimism, and those willing to live that you have always! All who you know they know what a special, joyous, loving and a fighter that sos. I am grateful every day to have you. I love you 🎈🎂♥️”, was the message that Juliana Awada was dedicated to her mother on the day of his birthday.

Like father, like son… The mom of Juliana has a lot of style just like his daughter. Photo: IG

Juliana and her mom, as to which

Juliana have someone go to the time of lookearse. She accompanied the message with a photo of your mom with a look super cool with a hat and covered black combined with a jean white. Elsa Esther Baker Yessi, the mom of Juliana, always appears among the photos that you raise your daughter to the account of Instagram. It is sometimes seen playing with Antonia.

Esther playing with Antonia. Photo: IG.

Mother and daughter are very companions. Juliana tends to weight the recipes passed down from her mom every time that kitchen typical dishes of the lebanese cuisine, its roots.