NOW will be the title sponsor of Serie C.

MILAN – Today Lega Pro and NOW they announce that they have signed a two-year partnership: will now title sponsor from Serie C by season 2023/2024 and 2024/2025. A great new product that will be released just a few days before the start of the championship and will strengthen the presence of the NOW brand in the world of sports. NOW, Sky’s streaming service with the widest sports offering, he is getting closer and closer to football and youththus confirming the great attention paid to the numerous Italian fans and the squares that have written the history of Italian football.

Lega Pro, Marani: “Glad to enter the house of sports”

Matthew Marani, Pro League President: We are very happy to enter Casa dello Sport. The union of Serie C and Sky is a source of extraordinary pride for us. In its 20 years of presence in Italy, Sky has demonstrated continuous and unique product development. This was true in football and in all sports. We think we did a big step forward in the development of our league and his brand. Signs of growth and improvement in this category have been seen by Sky and NOW which will make our clubs, our players and our fans more visible. And it’s all thanks to a production that will improve television history and a partnership that will feature a title sponsor for the first time in Serie C history: Serie C NOW. NOW is a modern platform that follows football with great professionalism. Together with Sky and NOW C will be presented at the exhibition, gaining exceptional media exposure. I am sure that in two years the value of Series C will be higher than it is today.”.

NOW, words by Lorenzo Fogli

Lorenzo Leaf, Senior Director NOW: “We are very happy to cooperate with Lega Pro., which represents the most important youth football league in Italy. Lega Pro’s close connection with the local region contributes to the development of sports and football in more than 50 Italian arenas where it is present, and we are pleased that, together with NOW, we believe in and take part in this important project.” Lega Pro confirms itself as a gateway to sports professionalism and, with over 10,000 members in the youth sector, boasts the largest pool of Italian sports kennels. The 60 Serie C clubs represent well all regions of our country from north to south, with a large supporter base and several historic Italian football venues.

The entire Serie C on Sky and streaming NOW

There Serie Cwhose rights were acquired in early August, is part of a rich Sky and NOW Football Dedicated Offer, over 2,500 live matches scheduled for the 2023/2024 season: 3 joint matches for each round of TIM Serie A, all BKT Series, exclusive foreign championships (Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1), UEFA Champions League (total 121 of 137 matches), all matches in the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Conference League, including thanks to Diretta Gol, and Euro 2024 (51 matches in total, 20 of which are exclusive). NOW also has great sports coverage with engines, tennis, NBA basketball, rugby, golf and more in the spotlight. The entire Series C is available only on Sky and is streaming NOW, with 1143 domestic exclusives and 48 joint exclusives per season, all regular season, play-off, Super Cup and Coppa Italia (starting from the round of 16). Extensive Serie C coverage also on Sky Sport 24 with highlights and match highlights. We are starting this weekend with Day 1 meetings.

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