Nuclear Tactical Penguins Celebrating an Extraordinary 2023 at the Tim Music Awards

THAT Nuclear tactical penguinsguests Tim Music Award From Veronalook back at 2023 celebrating success, culminating with a stadium tour, hit singles, a concert in RCF Arena in front of 80 thousand people and 100 thousand tickets sold in 24 years for 2024.

Tonight at the Verona Arena, at the #timmusicawards ceremony, we were presented with six awards over the past few months. You can see them all in this photo, one for each.

They awarded the results of Fake News, Rubami la Notte and Ricordi all platinum. After that, we were given the award for the most popular on the radio.

However, it was the last two that gave us great satisfaction: the Diamond Tours with almost 600,000 participants and the Associate Concert Year Tour.

Night after night we did something incredible, us and you, and the culmination of this journey was the party in Campovolo. These prizes, let’s face it, are also yours: we must pass them from hand to hand, this week you keep them for yourself, and I will get them next week, just like in elementary school!

This evening will allow us to celebrate, partly because it’s my birthday (Rick speaking here and I’m 29 years old), and partly because of the last tour, as well as the next one. Let’s be clear: it’s not because we were first at anything. But because today, more than ever, there is no need to compete if you know that you are competent.”

These are the words of that Nuclear tactical penguinshighly praised by the public Tim Music Award.

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