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The northern state of Nuevo Leon, one of the industrial motors of Mexico, which accounts for 7.5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country and 11% of its manufacturing, faces its own war against the coronavirus, which threatens to paralyze its economy.

While the president of mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, downplayed in march the risks of the pandemic, the authorities of Nuevo Leon, whose capital is Monterrey, took the lead and enacted the closure of bars and cinemas, and coordinated sanitary measures with their neighbors, Coahuila and Tamaulipas.


When the alarms were lit in Wuhan, China, to over 12,700 kilometers of distance, the state decided to prepare to cushion the effects of the crisis which inevitably would come to Mexico, declared this Saturday to Efe the secretary of Economy and Labour state, Roberto Russildi.

“When we saw that China was getting out of control, that I was going to other countries, in our meetings, we decided to orient ourselves to that instead of the projects of economic growth and development, we saw projects to preserve the economic stability of the state,” he said.

Most of 138,000 businesses and two million jobs are at risk in this border state with the united States, was noted for his commercial relations, mobility and universities recognized internationally.

In Nuevo León there are currently 277 factories that operate partially and other 154 that are held in custody by the decree of a public health emergency, the federal Government is obliged to stop the economic activities not essential at least until the 30 of April.

In addition, Russildi added that the installation of at least 22 new businesses is paused in the state with the second largest foreign direct investment, behind only Mexico City.

This break, which affects hundreds of thousands of jobs in this region with about 5.1 million people, led to the so-called Group of Ten, as is known to the major employers in the region, to look for this week a meeting with López Obrador.

“It’s not about bailing out companies, but to avoid a liquidity crisis transformed into one of insolvency. Faced with this crisis, it is necessary that the resources of the development banks to expand and loosen up your way of working,” he urged in a bulletin, the business leaders of companies such as bottler Femsa or the cement producer Cemex.

And in that same message, and after several rifirrafes of Lopez Obrador with the employers ‘ association, added: “The entrepreneurs we are not their opponents, by contrast, are an indispensable component in the eventual economic recovery of the country”.

The mexican economy shrank by 0.1 % in 2019 and this year, in the wake of the pandemic of COVID-19, is estimated to fall by up to 3.9 %, according to estimates of the Treasury.


In a country that already exceeded 200 deaths and about 4,000 cases of confirmed COVID-19, the nuevoleoneses anticipated even the federal Government, and go a step ahead of the enemy microscopic, told Efe the secretary of state Health, Manuel O.

Until the 10th of April, in Nuevo Leon have been confirmed 179 cases, 110 validated by the Institute of Diagnostics and Reference Epidemiology (INDRE) in mexico city.

“The virus goes to 100 kilometers per hour, but New Lion we’re going to 180 or 200 kilometers per hour, so we have to go, are thousands of lives that we save,” he said.

The first three months of 2020 were preparing for a boxing match that you just just deliver your first ’round’, as compared to the official.

The preamble was to study the opponent, to enlist the medical staff that will be at the forefront of the resistance and begin to rehabilitate the 14 public hospitals where they fight the worst battles, he explained.

The health system, the state has 3,500 physicians, between public and private, of which 300 are new contracts, around 9,500 beds and 450 intensive care beds and ventilators.

“Are sufficient to serve the population of Nuevo León, in these circumstances we are in right now, but if we exceeded the number of patients infected are not going to have enough capacity,” admitted the official.

The tactic has been perfected with regular meetings and more stringent measures to protect the more than 5 million of inhabitants that would not accept a bad strategy that leads to thousands of deaths, he argued, “we cannot allow”.

The first contagion of COVID-19 was confirmed on the 11th of march and 6 days after it was decreed the quarantine with elements of security on the streets calling for inhabitants to stay at home, ready to take more severe measures, he said.

In contrast, the federal Government took almost a month in decretarla, after the 28th of February confirmed the first case, when the president was still doing massive events, and invited the population to leave home to boost the economy.

“Many states of the country like us we are very concerned, very concerned, because the statistics would indicate that there will be thousands of dead in our country”, he lamented.

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