Number of diagnoses dropped by 15% in spring 2023

Number of patients starting treatment Treatment of chronic hepatitis C In 2023, the use of direct-acting antivirals has been cautiously reduced. Total, since records began (April 2015), 164,502 patients have been diagnosed with the disease in Spain. In terms of the latest trends, data released by the Ministry of Health shows that between April and June 20221,962 patients were diagnosed with the disease, while during the same period 2023 The number of confirmed cases is 1,664; 298 less, meaning 15% reduction in one year.

For the last annual period for which data are available, reflects: The number of diagnoses in summer 2022 will decrease by 513 (51%), but increased again by 12.5% ​​in the last quarter of the year, with 1,656 new confirmed cases between October and December.

There is currently only chronic hepatitis C diagnosis data for the first two quarters of 2023. Confirm trends identified in the previous year, as the data decreases.Between January and March this year, 1,712 cases of chronic hepatitis C were diagnosed in Spain; Between April and June, 1,664 people were diagnosed. The number of cases decreased by 48, or 2.8%.

Trends in the diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C

health data, analytics Diagnosis from April 2015 to presentreflecting that on average, 4,715 patients started treatment each quarter during this period.

Since the records have been counted, the diagnosis Reduced by more than 84%. In June 2018, the number of treatments fell significantly in a single quarter (from 7,644 treatments to 4,375 treatments in the next quarter), and in March 2020 there was another significant decrease. In this case, the number of confirmed cases decreased from 3,123 to 1,362. Since then, more than 2,200 people have been diagnosed again each quarter, coinciding with the onset of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the number of diagnoses has declined, the cumulative number of patients is still increasing. The health department said that by June 2023, Since April 2015, 164,502 patients have been diagnosed.

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