Number of gastroenteritis cases in Tarazona approaches 320, but growth slows

Number of infected people Tarazona Gastroenteritis Outbreak Continued growth, according to the latest data provided by the Aragonese government, There have been 319 cases. However, after the past 24 hours (8:00 a.m. Saturday to 8:00 a.m. this Sunday), the incidence curve appears to be starting to slow. Only 16 affected people received treatment at the health center in the town of Turiason. As these sources note, they accounted for 44% of those registered for the same period the day before.

In addition, the latest epidemiological investigation of the detected cases The only common factor identified was tap water consumption. “The adequacy of the measures taken is therefore approved,” the regional administrator stressed.

Including It is prohibited to use water from the water supply network for consumption, cooking and toothbrushing, This has been going on since last Monday afternoon, when the outpatient clinic notified the city council and public health of the increase in cases. Also, if you want to use it to clean utensils and surfaces, you need to boil it for at least 10 minutes.

For people who are infected or showing similar symptoms, public health authoritiesCalling for extreme personal hygiene and hand-washing measures, Especially after changing a child’s or infected patient’s diaper within 48 hours after the diarrhea has gone away.The same period is designated as Handle food or care for hospitalized patients or in an institution such as a residence or day care center; and children attending day care centres.

also, Affected people are advised not to have sex Within two weeks after diarrhea stops They also don’t bathe in the swimming pool. In fact, the city council temporarily closed the heated pool area of ​​the city’s sports center on Thursday.They stress the importance of cleaning hands with soap and water Not suitable for hydroalcoholic gels, which are useless in these cases.

These infections are due to the presence of a rare parasite in Tarazona’s water – a protozoan of the genus Cryptosporidium. “These egg sacs—fertilized eggs surrounded by a sac wall—“They are present in the intestines of humans or livestock and can contaminate water and lead to community outbreaks.”, they have explained to the Ministry of Health many times. At present, the source of infection has not been determined.

An additional question is They are highly resistant to chlorine treatment, Therefore, the treatments used in wastewater purification and drinking water purification systems are insufficient. therefore, Companies that perform treatments to eliminate these oocysts are being contacted Such as ozonation, UV or “other membranes as appropriate to the situation”, which may require significant infrastructure.

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