Number of the Latest features of iOS 13.4 the iPhone and iPad – part 1


Illustration iPhone. (unsplash/Arnel Hasanovic) – Free Update next is already available in the Apple for your iPhone and iPad owners. Simultaneously with this, a number of the latest features was already available.

Update iOS 13.4 were means by no fewer than six beta Version, which means that updates tersebutu must be stable and free of bugs. If you are an iOS user, then be prompted to install the update immediately, or let it automatically install.

There are some new features coming up with updates and some minor adjustments. As usual, all the security settings, and important applications have also been updated in the background so your device more secure from malicious applications and malware.

Here’s the biggest new feature in iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 are reported, so The Friday (27/3/2020) :

Cursor Support

Until now, if you want to use the cursor on the iPad, you have the option, buried in the accessibility settings. Apple has not only the Protocol of the cursor to hit anything for a long time on the operating system that Apple created a new Protocol that is used to increase the approach of the touch-first iPadOS.

The cursor itself is a circle, small and transparent that adjust, select the application and options, if you meluncurinya. You try to mimic your finger when you touch the glass.

You can add advanced customization of your own set the support of the cursor according to the wishes and work with a variety of Bluetooth mouse and trackpads Productivity on the iPad is now much easier.

Share the folder from iCloud

Illustration of iCloud. [Shutterstock]
Illustration of iCloud. [Shutterstock]

Apple has talked about this option for a while which should land on the release of the iOS original 13. But now, all the folders in the iCloud Drive have either a link or individually. The same as the release of documents in a number of Google applications, you can decide whether or not the recipients can view the file or edit it also

The purchase of universal application

To navigate if you have an iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and Apple TV, it has quite a lot of the different app stores and use. If you buy an app on one device, then you can’t use it in other applications.

But with iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4 Apple permits developers to offer a bundle of “Buy Universal”, which unlock the same app in all your Apple devices.