Numbers, records, surprises and many other curiosities

Which shows have received the most nominations? What are the records and surprises of the 75th edition? And what titles and performers were rejected by the Television Academy.

Nomination forEmmy it is the crowning achievement of an actor’s career and of any other professional involved in its creation. Series. We are talking about thousands of people, and at a time when standards are very high and quality productions abound on many platforms, you will find that the result is not so obvious. And even when things don’t seem to go as expected. This means that the enthusiasm of this watch is more than justified, like many studies, for a moment that celebrates the year of stories and recognizes (before icing on the cake) the enormous sacrifices of those who created these stories. gave life. A few hours after the announcement 75th Primetime Emmy Awards nominees, the most prestigious of television awards, here is a long series of interesting and even curious considerations. Because this list is not just a list, and some of these titles and names have already made history.

Emmy 2023 in numbers: the most nominated TV series

This is a just-concluded HBO drama. succession garner the most Emmy nominations this year. As many as 27. Two more than last year, but not the best result in a single edition, a record that remains with Game of Thrones, nominated 32 times in 2019. The rest of the podium is occupied by two other HBO series: White Lotus AND Last of us, with 24 and 23 nominations respectively. They’re watching Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso since 21, dramedy Prime Video The Amazing Mrs Maisel with 14 and Comedy FX Bear from 13, ex aequo from The battle AND dahmer from Netflix. succession he does much more. It has never happened that three main actors of the same series were nominated at the same time – Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong AND Kieran Culkin. However, this has happened to women several times since the 1980s. Ageless hearts and in 2005 with Desperate Housewives. At the same time, the series Jesse Armstrong reaches 75 nominations overall (a record for a series again de Game of Thrones 160) and is the favorite to win after winning the Outstanding Drama Series award the previous two seasons.

HBO beats Netflix again

expansion of HBO established itself as the birthplace of the best series. This year, together with the streaming service Max, it collected 127 nominations against 103 from its main competitor, Netflix. However, last year there were more – 140 (105 for Netflix). If for the latter the difference is a surprise The battle and phenomena dahmer AND WednesdayHBO reaches an extraordinary milestone by having four in-house productions – succession, White Lotus, Last of us AND Dragon House, in Italy everything is available exclusively on Sky and only airs on NOW – Best Drama Series nominees. That’s half of the nominees in the queen category. It hasn’t been for over thirty years, or since NBC saw their names nominated in 1992. Los Angeles Law, Law and order, Quantum leap AND I will fly away. Ironically, the winner was another of the five, doctor among bears by CBS. In third place in this ranking is Hulu with 64 nominations due to its excellent result. Only murders in the building (11), followed by Apple TV+ (54), Prime Video (42) and Disney+ (40). Among broadcast networks, ABC is the best with 28 nominations.

Great news

For Wednesdayone of the most nominated Netflix series (12), actress Jenna Ortega she receives the first nomination of her career for Best Actress in a Comedy. At 20, she is the second-youngest actress to do so in the category (Patty Duke was 17 when she was nominated for the The Patty Duke Show), while only two other Latin actresses did it before her – Rita Moreno in 1983 for 9 to 5, continuous hours and America Ferrera in 2007 for Unattractive Betty. First time at the Emmys also for Pedro Pascalwhich has five nominations for three – Best Actor in a Drama for Last of us (for a Latin American actor, this has not happened since 1999), the best guest star in a comedy for Saturday night life and the best storyteller Patagonia: life at the end of the world CNN. He also makes history with him Last of usthe first live-action series based on a video game to be nominated in major categories including Outstanding Drama Series. First nomination also for one of the main roles Bella Ramsey and for a guest star Keyvonne Montreal Woodardwho, at just 10 years old, becomes the second-youngest actor whose talent is recognized by the Television Academy (the record remains for Keshia Night Pulliam, who was only 6 years old when she was nominated for a 1986 Robinsons).

Continuing from Last of usit is worth noting that it was the least post-apocalyptic episode of the series that left the most noticeable mark. Long long timethe story of two men who find each other and love each other when the world is falling apart was nominated for Best Screenplay by Craig Mazinand for the best director – Peter Hoarewhat were the names of its two main characters, Nick Offerman AND Murray Bartlett.

What is Jury Duty, the best comedy-nominated series?

One of the biggest surprises of this 75th Primetime Emmy Awards is the nomination Jury Duty as the best comedy, next to such giants as Ted Lasso, The Amazing Mrs Maisel AND Only murders in the building. The Freevee series, Amazon’s free streaming service, is unknown to most, especially in Italy. It talks about the inner workings of the jury in America from the point of view of Ronald Gladden, a San Diego contractor who is unaware that his call is not true and that everyone but him is an actor. Among the nominees of the series are also James Marsdenfor Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, Writer Mecca Leeper and casting managers. “This is probably the craziest statement I’ve ever made: I’m doing an Emmy-nominated television series because I responded to an ad for CraigslistGladden said after the happy news.

Large excluded

As we have said, while there is some flexibility in the number of nominations allowed, there is never room for everyone. This year’s great dropouts reported in no particular order Harrison Ford for a role in an Apple TV+ comedy Decrease, Elizabeth Olsen for crime miniseries love death and any actor and other professional involved in the most popular series on American television yellowstone but also in the spin-off prequel 1923including the two main characters Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren (“You can keep your fucking prizes,” creator Taylor Sheridan said earlier.) Colossal The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power it received 6 nominations, but only in technical categories, including Best Costumes and Best Makeup. And if this can be more or less acceptable, then the fact that not a single actor from among the nominated ones cannot be. Dragon Houseincluding Paddy Considine AND Emma D’Arcy. Also disparagingly Atlanta and its final season, Selena Gomez AND Steve Martin For Only murders in the building, Emily Blunt V English, Dog booking (never much liked by the Academy) and Netflix dramedy Mo.

More about the 2023 Emmys

  • being late Ray Liotta received a posthumous nomination for his role in the Apple TV+ miniseries Black bird;
  • Congratulations Italian Actresses Sabrina Impactatore AND Simon Tabascoboth are nominated for participation in the HBO series The Phenomenon. White Lotus Best Supporting Actress in a Drama;
  • Hollywood legend Tim Burton receives her first Emmy Award nomination for directing the first episode Wednesday;
  • universe series star Wars collect a total of 22 nominations. It’s about The Mandalorian (9), Obi-Wan Kenobi (5) and Andor (8). On the other hand, the Marvel series got “only” 6 vs. 20 last year and 39 in 2021;
  • Canceled Paramount+ after one season musical comedy Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies received two nominations for his choreography;
  • Timothy Chalamet received his own Emmy Award nomination for…advertising: Call me for Apple TV+;
  • Former President of the United States of America Barack Obama also received a nomination for a Netflix documentary series. Work: Work and live. My wife also mentioned Michelle ObamaFor The Light in Us: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey;
  • New cast Crown do not like the Television Academy as much as the previous two: Elizabeth Debickiwho plays Princess Diana is the only nominee in the categories reserved for actors who have previously earned seven Netflix series wins.

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