Nurse infected with Covid-19 gave birth in Coahuila: both are serious


A nurse at the Social Security who is infected with Covid-19, gave birth to their baby by cesarean section in Saltillo, Coahuila, mexico this Friday.

However, until this night both the mother and the newborn were reported as sensitive, due to that the woman suffered severe complications in the pregnancy due to high blood pressure already suffering from pre-eclampsia.

The nurse is hospitalized since Thursday afternoon-evening in the Clinic number 2 of the Mexican Institute of Social Securitywhere this Friday, a team of specialists, performed the emergency operation.

Medical sources got to know that the baby recorded suffering due to the problems of preclamsia of the mom, so it was necessary to operate the womanalthough the baby was born with complications.

Medical staff of the institution reported that the woman had problems with preclamsia-eclampsia, which it also affected the health of the babythat he was born after 33 weeks of gestation, is eight months and a week.

In both the baby was rushed to the area of Intensive care of Infants in another clinic.

It should be noted that this would be the first birth in advance of a baby of a mother with coronavirus that is recorded in the country.

In addition, it is important to note that the nurse, identified as Gaby, works together with her husband, a doctor at the General Hospital of Zone Number 7 of the Institute in Monclova, Coahuila, where they have recorded cases of spread from Covid-19 between the medical staff, and even there are already deceased, reported local media as The Journal of the state of Coahuila.

To highlight, finally, that the family of Gabriela, the nurse who gave birth, are isolated in front of a possible infection.

Doctors were infected, one died

The governor of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelmesaid last Sunday that, of the 20 cases positive for coronavirus in the municipality of Monclova, eight infections have plagued doctors and eight nurses.

In addition, the health authorities recognized that there was an outbreak in the hospital number 7 of the IMSS in Monclova which has resulted in spread community and a significant number of health professionals, around 29 people between doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers and fellows.

Over these last cases, the contractor shall state pointed out that the medical staff be infected was sent to your address and it is isolated. In addition, it noted that enabled a fence sanitary concentrate in clinic 7 of the IMSSso that it serves to separate patients with the disease and their family contacts and working to try to contain the transmission of the disease in that locality.

One of the ten doctors who contracted coronavirus in clinic 7 of the IMSS of Monclova, Coahuila, he died during the early hours of Tuesday, march 31. This was announced by the Mexican Institute of Social Security in a release where also assured that the direct contact of the doctor are already under observation.

Gualberto Reyes, urgenciólogo, was from several days ago in the area of intensive care. The staff of the Health Jurisdiction still investigating whether the virus acted alone or if you aggravated a medical condition that is previous. This is the second death that is recorded in Coahuila, and also in the same hospital. The first patient died on Saturday 28 march.

According to the report issued by the Secretariat of Health of the State, to the 19 hours of this Tuesday, the number of positive cases in Coahuila is 56; 36 of them in Monclova.

Due to the infection community that broke out in the clinic, we placed a purse and health, it was announced that it will be converted to a special hospital for the care of the pandemic.

In terms of the infections that occurred in the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Socialthe director of Medical Services of the unit, Victor Hugo Borjadetailed that the health workers do not require sophisticated equipment to treat patients infected by COVID-19. “We are going to give priority to the doctors. They risk and some of our physicians older than 60 years are in the hospitals and they want to follow you there. Even though they have higher risk, you’re taking care of. […] What is important is that it can cover the eyes, nose and mouth, ” the official said in a press conference.

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