Nurse suicide “for fear of” infecting other Covid-19 in Italy


A young nurse who was diagnosed with coronavirus he took his own life because of the anxiety and fear that I felt of infecting others with this disease in Italy.

According to the National Federation of Nurses, through an official statement, Daniela Trezzi, 34 years of age, “had been living with a lot of stress for the fear of infecting others,” and could do no more with everything that was happening, so I made this terrible decision to take his life.

In Lombardy, the Italian region with the highest number of infections and deaths, two hospitals became vehicles of contagion. Patients infected doctors who spread the disease before the passing of the quarantine general.

Daniela I worked in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital San Gerardo, Monza, on the outskirts of Milan but it was in quarantine after showing symptoms of coronavirus and give positive, reported Daily Mail.

“Each one of us has chosen this profession for good and, unfortunately, also for bad, we are nurses. The condition and the stress to which they are subjected by our professionals under the supervision of all”, added the Federation in the statement.

What is the impact of the coronavirus in the health workforce?

The hard days can generate a large psychological blow to the workers of the hospitals. The middle RTVE spoke with professionals of the Intensive Care Unit and revealed that they are in constant exposure to the smell of bleach, closed doors and an uncomfortable feeling of abandonment the patient, although this is not so.

“Are subjected to an overload of work (shifts, fear of contagion), to which we must add emotional overload: make decisions that affect the lives of people and suffer from impotence by the lack of media,” explains Fernando Chacón, dean of the College of Psychologists of Madrid.

From the Union of Nursing SATSE, reveal that there is “a great burden of anxiety, stress, despair, helplessness, and, in many cases, of emotional wear in your daily work” in the Emergency Unit.

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